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I did up until oversee the new crop of young male players coming into the game now, but I do think you know close. It's a close call because I think. The crop of players know them. Phil Neville has a very hungry for success and more talented than the players are played with with England, the game, understanding the better technical players. The coach in our specs of the game now is is a lot better. So they are understanding tactics, more and mirror. I think they've got a real good opportunity, but I'm also looking forward to this World Cup in Russia because I think you know the crop of players that Gareth Gareth Southgate has to pick young and hungry for it and play in haven't played all of them played in a tournament. So they got no fear. I think that is crucial going into tournament because I think the former crop players men's plays that a lot of fear and there was expected to win something. Whereas these England players, no one's expecting them to do anything. A lot of people on expecting lengthy other group. So they put nothing to prove out there and that sometimes helps you perform better into ornaments what word, the women winning the World Cup. Do for the game, what do you think it would do next? You know, we've got to a certain level of always believed that winning ultimate silverware will will change it for another another decade. Another, however, long bring more profile to the game. I don't really know what would happen with the women's rugby them winning the gold is really elevated game. Yes. A lot of people don't go much women's rugby, but just in terms of commercial things of happened on that side women's cricket has become when they won the World Cup is become more at the forefront in the papers. So I think you know if England Cango on a win that World Cup, we just changed the whole face of the game. I think the players become more household names. More money will come their way, I guess, and the profile of the game, we just get higher hope. Then more people will come out and support the club club level because I don't think you know a lot of people come out. Support the women's f AWOL as much as we all hope. And I think that will really kick start the league if they do win the World Cup. Thank you for speaking to us, and we look forward to seeing what you do next. But in the meantime, enjoy being a mom. I really wanna be there one day when you play him your best goals. Yeah, he's actually when only firstborn. It was really nice gesture at the FA at she sent his monomer tensure of his stories. Shonky baby kit with the number ten had Rocco on back. He's he's actually just fit into that now. So just ready in time for the men's World Cup there. Thank you. Off-side exclusive is produced by offside productions and edited by Lucy later..

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