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The whole world is changing and really exciting and dynamic way if you understand that the bull crap of yesterday which washington has an figured out yet the bull crap of yesterday the lies of yesterday and the the systems that create friction and and make your life complicated just don't work anymore nobody wants them don't prop them up get out of that and find passion passion brands and friction where to talk about that with a guy who knows it white well beginning right now yeah fusion as entertainment the glenn famous book that i've been telling you about for weeks that of thrilled to be lab jeff rosen bloom he is one of the coauthors of the book friction passion brands in the age of disruption it is one of those books that you read in your like she's i mean how could i not know that added i not i think that out how is this all of a sudden it's one of those things that somebody invents something you're like of course how come i didn't invent that jeff has not here to sell books i heartily recommend you by his book but he's not taking any of the money from it is actually going to something called special spectators which we hope to talk about little bit later he will also be with us on blaze tv for a special episode tonight at five o'clock so he's not here to make any money he's here to change some uh some lives and you have dramatically impacted my thinking since i picked up your book so screed heavier jeff thanks for having me so tell me i guess we we just need to start at the the brands of the past and the brands now passion brands what is it or passion brands of the brands that absolutely dominate the competition they don't just have customers they have an army of a vangelis these are the folks who are at the bars at restaurants at the dinner table they said around a campfire rip on their social media channels they've got the tshirts they've got the hats they're like walking billboards and they're actively proselytizing for brands so you talk about one passion.

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