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To the late Audrey Hepburn it would have been her ninety first birthday today also have Dame Judi Dench rocking the florals on the cover of British vogue the oldest woman to ever appear on the cover yes he said he's not yeah now retains that staff and she's going to keep going Julia yes there you know I was talking with a friend of mine this weekend and I was just saying how she was after she listen to me you know cry and be sad about Danny loves he's of a mind is concerned really should shallow too and I said what is it she says I cried when I heard is he's on Marshall's was cloned honey that's a big ice cream in them Muddy Waters in south Minneapolis yeah so seeing that and I and I think you know there's just everyone is so raw enter tender it were heightened in a way that Sykes grew mac mercury retrograde because this is like word or character a James thousand percent or something people are just really rock and their feelings are their bubble there so close to the surface I would everybody I personally feel that way yeah and I know that you do and I would agree I think that there's no distractions Lori this is the part that's getting me I love watching tennis I love watching golf I like a baseball game I'm in the garage I like to listen the twins in the background on the radio right I love listening to even my time you know I can say and then I just you know we love going out to eat we like bars and the like entertaining there's nothing normal sorry then you know because I know people are upset about van getting like all right eleven and then you have somebody like you know R. Donald he has been on the air with us for eighteen years I mean it feels so personally exhausting on many levels and then when you've got a few steady things that you can count on that apple Kerr gets the outside and then it just feels even more upsetting although you we would have been upset about this no matter what I don't think it would happen if it if it was all over the place it went down because he has been the perfect time yeah in so many businesses but all right Hey I just want to say this well here is what I thought this would be just a bright no because I do know I talk to Donnie last week you know he was planning on going out to see his brother in Portland in June you were going somewhere I've got a family wedding in Seattle my knees in the middle of July and so this is from GMA George Stephanopoulos was talking to United Airlines chief communications officer about just what are the changes because as the way I United delta and American goes I mean this is what's gonna be happening with your a smaller carriers like a sun country here and here Alaska but here we go let's bring the chief communications officer for United Airlines right now Joshua is Josh let's begin with these changes that are taking place today eliminated that middle seat on most planes what other changes should passengers expect today the first thing people should know if we do have a new requirement that all of our customers are going to wear masks on board the aircraft we hear you to bring your at the airport with you but if you don't have one we can provide you one of the gate but George what we've done is we've actually over all our procedures to ensure that these give all of our four seven hundred fifty electrostatic sprayer can be used to clean the aircraft with the same equipment that they use in hospitals the impact them we're getting a boarding procedures to board back to front so that when your boarding aircraft you have to walk half a whole bunch of people to get the door really making dramatic changes okay can we just talk about you Far dean yeah the cleaning yeah so that is something that all the airlines are doing and that's how the disinfectant hospitals it yes three things so they're doing that anyway I don't know when airlines stopped boarding back to front I think it had to do with when a lot of frequent flyers in different women and children who need extra time older people military and first class rank first and they started doing different levels of global level medallion goal novel medallion or whatever take me today medallion yeah that is how it always used to be done for years and years you board a bus a plane to get from the back to the front right is that moves everything let traffic quicker is more efficient yes so that is one good thing that you need that change I mean first class was so good to go in for yeah they would they'd still get on first but do you think about when you go down the aisles because I've been I've been in middle seats lately and yeah my status zero yeah so I'm in the middle close to the background in some of the middle well this is another good thing though that they're going to social distancing them playing that makes me I'm glad about that that means I might get an island window seat for my ticket which is hasn't had one you go down and you've got your bags and you're just sitting there like everyone is already filed into your bank in your bank in your bang and scares me scares me scares me and it's just southwest of the state law by the back of the plane you know they were the only ones that still did that and the reason why I think that the airlines got away from that because then the lowest of the low cost carriers could then start all you can pay five dollars for priority boarding it was another way to get extra fees like they did when they started having bagged baggage and I think that you're going to see a lot of your lines well this United guy said you know there's a lot of good deals for airfare is if people are looking at making trips or whatever but maybe they're going to add some of these things that they were warning people to pay for checking a bag maybe we're gonna see that goal way late at night because of virus allergy is better than no but in the rain it's like heads in beds if you had a room hotel business kind of the same thing so they're gonna have to back up because they are going to get have to get the public's trust are back into flying and people will want to fly because people have family and live in one place to go what were used to be said something about not knowing when only one I know that they're clean absolutely and we like that idea will why not so why not not sell the middle seat because Hey if your flights are going to be full anyway so Intel they start to fill up and then we've changed our policy yeah yeah yeah makes sense but yeah so anyway the and then the masks is what everyone is going to be going to and I'm glad for the crew because think about it I mean if they're on a domestic flight you're turning you my that says six hundred people you could be exposed to in one day share I like that but I do have a question for you guys to mask or not mask and this is the one I am all for mass I get it I've been wearing them on the at the probably places yeah but when a newscaster out in the field is doing the news in the middle of the ocean okay but wearing a mask I think that some news organizations are deciding to lead by example okay it just feels very lead by example they're not around people well they are they've got a crew around last night they've got a crew on the yacht again camera person a sound person maybe there's a makeup person it's like okay that's why there is some modeling going on okay the funny thing is with me eyes that I have got to stop smiling in my math because I'm smiley name we steam smile wrinkles those are going to see them no one can see it I just need to live right here but I'm just like hi and I've got a mask on the high end I'm smiling the whole time people wouldn't even know whatever when we used to worry about Beachy resting phase yes now it's like have big cabbies mask face yeah anyway hard listen we gotta go it's time for an impasse get your laughs after lunch.

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