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That's why I believe certain guys are just in situations that are going to set them up to succeed former NFL safety. That's why Mr. Bisky has a great shot because he's with Matt Nagy coach by both Bill Belichick. We're getting ready for Cincinnati Nick Sabin. I trust and believe in the players that we have. And we just gotta get them. Better. Former pro personnel director for the eagles and Redskins ESPN NFL insider Louis Riddick with Waddle and Silvy on ESPN one thousand joy having a Louis Riddick. I'm the show is bears buys this year. Was virtually unmatched. I know a lot of bears fans had the same thing that Lewis Hattie was all in on our bears this year, they let us all down. But it's been fun talking. Not only bears, but NFL, and it all materialized in Lewis has been a guest on this radio station many times before the twenty eighteen season. But for the first time on a weekly basis. Both sides made the commitment in its when we went out to Bristol to fill in on. I take we had Stephen on last Stephen last hour. We'll play some of that filled in for Stephen A. And I take in July, and we did our radio show there then afterwards, and there was one right? When the bears were ready to go to camp they're going to camp early because it was the hall of fame game. They were getting ready for. So we had Louis Riddick. Tim Hasselbeck in studio, and what we were able to create their more. So you Lewis and Tim was football magic. It was football magic. And then after that, we said, hey, you want you wanna come on the show weekly and everyone made it worse. Been a great addition to eight addition to the show bring him in right now. Louis Riddick joining Waddle and Silvy did you have as much fun as we did. Hey, man, you know, that's that's show that data you're talking about..

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