Kamala Harris, United States, Vice President discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Are small businesses. We have to have a plan in the tales matter I would love to start at the beginning of the journey go. It's interesting being Kamala Harris because according to trump you all crazier than Bernie, the Mosul socialist person in the world, and then according to some people you are not progressive enough who are you to you? Like if you introducing Kamala Harris to people. Who is commonly Harris and what are you going to represent when you get into that office? Let me tell you I am the child of parents who fought for civil rights. I. Am the daughter of a mother who arrived in the United States at the age of nineteen. And believed that she and her children could do anything and that we should never hear. No. And and so these are some of the things that have fueled my ambition to fight for equality to fight for justice to fight for fairness, and when I think about the prospect of being the vice president of the United States, those will be my values and my goals informed by the values that are about understanding the need to to fight for the dignity. Of all people fighting for working families fighting for the vulnerable and the voiceless among us these. These are the things that propel me the things that propel me are to fix these problems in a way that we understand the people behind the issues and not just engaging grand gestures but engage in what is actually necessary to address the needs of the people. You know and yeah, the the these people I mean I don't pay attention to the name calling trevor there some of us who have lived a lifetime of being called names and it is predictable and it is childish and it will not distract me. Go Away because when we come back, we'll have more of my conversation with Kamala Harris including why her name is so easy it's so difficult to pronounce..

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