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This toy prospect she beats or great summation forced round number but now toyland line again and like i mean i see people and they're probably right in that japanese. Anime doesn't get coverage but these people are calling for covert. She'll be the people who are putting out the coverage. If there's a gap in the market like that and you know the information that the the rest of the media don't go and do it. I would really like an explainer they go on. I see my the acid hayes always talking about this but like i get most of my information off that going wild card on just what he's tweeting about. There's the gap in the market. We all want some more japanese makeover. So why don't you do it even explainer before these events to get the leyland royals being who is this is a core like i mean i'm. I'm a european correspondence very hard for me to what's going on asia as well. You know th they're often when when those faces as you said they're like they should probably show us. What better in english annan have some crossover promotion because they're not going to pick up a big audience here if they're not promote this should be don't give us the storylines tells what's going on. What's it all about a minute ok p. He's a great foyer more god it. I think he's from angola is flag on top. Allergy is a portuguese so we can wrap them as one of our own report portugal and gowda of of a sort of an old m sort of england orland situation that sort of thing donna roy we'll take that is because he's very good at languages portuguese here. He's a he's got a great first round knockout over to k. music gawky and this is the go it was saying like if if they wanted to do a ballatore crossover and you know get gallaher in this this going this guy knows how to sell he's explosive. He has skills and he's a great striker. Gallaher is a great submission specialists or anything that would be a fun topic for oy and the bell tower and roy's and need to come together and put on gigantic event. What did you say that exactly we we'd have the crossover have foibles loyd is in there with the storylines et. Cetera would be brilliant on. 'em like you know it's we just need to know more about roy's and it's very difficult to e- counts consumer a product invested in and invest in is by seeing these stories and things like that. That's when we look at d._c. We saw that the piece that day with the s._p._n. People tuning in for the first time maybe a casual may martin no not about d._c. People become invested in that's what happens. They need to do it yeah. Absolutely that was a great night. I just wish wish they wouldn't annoyed like that like to have the u._f._c. card finishing at six a._m. And then roy just beginning that's big oscar funds like created after soaking up all your emotional juices with these huge roy royston. Maybe don't realize there may be in the spotlight as much as they are. <hes> uh-huh are they would be hugely in the spotlight. We believe especially with someone like then that goes off whoa but again if someone had i wrote a story about kasich or two straight after because everyone would looking at the point that we go is what are you still want to know more about. There's a lot there in japanese off your week tokyo now. Just detroit the what's up. Eighty witnesses take a look. Taco is a big story. Someone's gotta tell it there is no way i'm gonna go. Look no way built up the following did by just simply ably being japan like iraq and all you should start a youtube channel japan to have a million subscribers and a week like they they watch people eating food and stuff. It's mental lady was well and fairness but like literally sitting there eating food and the salvage paul felder very creative. I need to stop talking to a lot of voters and that was sent pictures and food and weight. It's terrible absolutely brutal of sending them cinema picture mcginnis eating an orange or something. I'd say that he didn't put listen..

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