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You end up. Getting to the bulls won that all look like a young team at the time. Now i was a fluke. You know there's nothing i pursued. I was working in the summers in chicago. For a guy named tim grover. He had a business called attack. Athletics work with nba players. Mostly in the summertime. And i was happened to be in chicago when the bulls video coordinator was a friend of mine. He called me and said hey look. They just hired a new coach and he's interviewing play development directors. You know would you be interested and assure you know and it's nothing that i ever fired to do but also i just got lucky and got hired in So that was it but it was nothing that i ever really aspired to be all wanted to do. Was really in. California was I being a junior college coach in california. It'd be great because it's very competitive out here with the ju- coz i played yuko. I love the junior college thing out in california. That's all. I kinda really wanted to do that. I just kind of ended up in this kind of a fluke tribal kind of thinking about that story right in just not really chasing it but obviously the passions all around basketball. It just sort of happened that way. I was also funny. What you brought up tim grover. His company called athletics. Not was the train for the best player in the world. Or anything of all time or anything like that just made pasta. Maybe one of the greatest trainer. Nope anybody you know if your listeners know who he is but he's just a terrific first of all he's he's very very smart. If you've read his books on you followed him you know what. What a bright guy. He is but he was kind of on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning for players. Michael went to him after getting beat up by the pistons and he. He searched out any found tim because he needed to get stronger. And it kind of went from there. You know michael to kobe and dwayne wade and all of the guys he's ad so he's great to my in my opinion of what he does. He's the best in the world. Say it works a little bit and you know it's not just strength edition and stuff with him. The guy knows basketball. He played division one basketball. He knows basketball and the way he got guys to work and best thing about tim was he always told them the truth. Always you know. He didn't care if it pissed him off but he was always going to tell them as what he thought was the truth. It was a great experience. Just you know working those few summers with him. Oh definitely and then Thinking about maybe transitioning of then. You're with the clippers. When you first got there was kind of the same thing you're doing with the bulls that things change was similar. Well what happened. Was that the coach. That i hired me that i worked for vinny. Del negro we. We got fired by the bulls and in right away within a month. He was hired by the clippers and He basically called me. Said we're going to la. I said all right. Let's go after we got fire by the bulls eye was going back to california to teach high school again. I was just going to go back and resume my teaching and he gets hired. And we we get hired by the clippers and we came and that was the summer that The blake was his rookie year..

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