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Welcome back to the gym, Bohannon assured 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626, Vicki Bell. Our guest has written the book. Reverse the course. And we're taking a look. At Some studies that indicate that there are differences between men and women in dealing with mental health issues. There was a study in 2016 found that more than 75% of respondents. Male respondents indicated they would feel disappointed in themselves or inadequate around other people if they were depressed, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that in 2019 Men were more than 3.5. Times more likely. Than women to die by suicide. So there is a gender difference here. Thomas in Arcata, California joins us Hello, Thomas. Hi, Jimbo. Uh, And to your guest, Mickey. Um I called you a while back about, uh, Was between jobs and I. I picked up a buddy of mine. We went to work up in Vail. This was in Colorado. I came back a week later. And my wife had moved. My neighbor tried to stop me from going in my house that I just bite. I have two kids. And that has been a mental As Mickey put it, haunting. For the last 25 years, and I'm really having a hard time dealing with it after all these years, and I just wanted some insight. Absolutely, Mickey. Thomas Mann. I feel for you. I hate that you've had to go through that. When I went through some tragic moments in my life. It was very important for me to find someone that I could talk with. Mine started when I was 13 years old and my mom and dad sent me down. And they explained to me that I was adopted at birth. They said that when my dad found out that my mother was not going to abort me that he took off Was raised in a very strict Christian home where we would pray about everything but don't talk about him. Think And so I ended up taking all of my emotions and all of my thoughts in that moment. And I just started pressing it down on the inside. And I didn't talk about it. I didn't deal with it. I made some tragic decisions. For my marriage at age 40. That calls me to hit rock bottom. When I hit that rock bottom, That's when all of those emotions That I had been dealing with since 13. Came out. Any encouragement I could give to you would be find you someone that you can trust. And start dealing with the thoughts you're having. And start getting those emotions out again. I know that for man, as the study suggests, it's very difficult for us to talk about things. It's very difficult for us to be open. But just you calling this show tonight and opening up a little bit and what you have done? That's a perfect example of the steps that you need to take to make sure that you get the help that you need. It's not to admit that you're weak. It's not to admit you're sick. It's simply just to deal with what life has thrown at you in this moment, and so I would suggest finding someone that you could go sit down and talk with, uh, just someone that can help you deal. With the emotions you're having, but also deal with a live That you may be tempted to sell yourself. Because when your face with some of the things that you've just described to us Then it's very tempting for your mind to start telling you things like what was wrong with me. Why was I not enough? Was you know was I'm not good enough. Well, I ever be good enough for somebody else. And if you start having those thoughts, then that's exactly what I'm talking about. And the fact that we need to deal with those thoughts, sports going to take you down further road that you don't want to go down. So just follow the steps that you have taken just in calling the show and finding someone in your area that you can just go in and just deal with what you're feeling. Deal with what you're thinking. Get it out in the open. Expose the lies that you're telling that you may start believing on yourself. And go ahead and handle it and get a hold of it now. So that way you don't have to deal with it later on down the road. Good luck to you, Thomas. Good luck to you. And do follow that advice. There is hope for you. There is a life for you. And you should unencumbered yourself. Here's Mike in Denver. Good evening bike. Good evening, Mr Rouhani. And thank you for taking my call. And Mickey. Thank you So much for the conversation tonight. I really appreciate it. Um, I can really relate to this. Actually, I actually lost a cousin to depression back in 2000 and 14. And you know me myself. I've kind of struggled with anxiety for most of my life. Uh, you know, I'm 25 years old now and you know when we say Well, what is anxiety, you know? I mean, like, right now, you know, we're talking on some of the biggest radio stations in the world in the United States at least, and you know it's about you know there's anxiety there, but I think it's about how we deal with those emotions. Right And that goes with depression or anything else. And I'm always so amazed at how you know Mr Rohan is so confident on the radio and doesn't let that anxiety get to him ever but You know my question. Maki. I wanted to ask you because, you know, right now we're kind of it in all time high, you know, with depression, you know, kind of due to Covid 19 and other things. Um Do you think that we're essentially doing enough as a society to kind of address depression? Mike. That's a great question. First of all, sorry for your loss and that that you're having to go through. Um The thing that we're doing right now on this program is exactly what we need to be doing in our society and exposing that depression and disposing Mental illness and just admitting that we have some people that are dear to us that are suffering. You brought up the covid situation. It did bring on additional anxieties. Simply Bacall's. If you go to get help with anxiety over depression, the first thing they're going to work with you and doing is getting you some structure in your life. I'm the top person. I'm not good with changes. I'm not good with surprises. Now I'm good with a surprise birthday party, but I'm not good with just being taken off guard. By some news. And so when Covid started happening, it calls everything around us to become unstable. For those of us that deal with depression and anxiety. We are already fighting. To live stable in our unstable mindset, so throw an entire world of instability and that's causing us to have to dig deeper. Put our feet in the sand a little harder, fight a little harder just to be able to get through the thoughts and emotions and I'm telling you, it has played has wreaked havoc on a lot of people just simply for the insecurity of knowing what's coming in the future. Points Well made and thank you for your call. And your listenership. Mike. I'm glad that I have fooled a lot of people there thinking that I am impervious to anxiety. No, I'm well aware of the fact that like anybody else who talks on the radio or spends records or what have you that I am here at the behest of, uh, people who are my superiors, my employers and if I don't perform that I am out of here and so far, I guess I've performed well enough, but I'm aware of it. But again. I've tried not to let it affect my performance. But of course to to let it affect my performance would automatically make me more likely to go. Back in a moment, Save.

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