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Via mobile phone app our executive producer this morning is John Vincent in for Kristen Hey Greg who was all for a couple of days it's official yesterday we said bomb Schiller buzzed absolute bust but even while well exceeding my expectations it was a disastrous day for the Democrats Robert Muller was again you pick the pick the edges of befuddled bill Wilder mumbling stumbling dazed and confused it's just a very frail some people were calling him and the the the the day did not start out well the toward a world all dubbed the Mister Muller as afraid of Obama strategist David Axelrod said more didn't appear to be very sharp Michael Moore on called him stumbling it was devastating for Mr Miller and his credibility we'll get to the top takeaways here in just a moment but here is just some of the difficulties he had yesterday and answering questions the president committed the crime of destruction you could not publicly state that in your report or here today can you repeat the question Sir you have to repeat that for me can you repeat the last part of that question yeah which act can you read the last question well it was my wife and I got an accurate I'm sorry could you repeat your individual is in fact obligated to provide what's being demanded by the regulation or statute meaning you don't have any wiggle room right I have to look more closely at the statute I just read it to you and what was the question if I might correct and what are you reading from on that I'm reading for my question that could you repeat it okay is that correct on the screen can you repeat the question and now that I have a language on the screen is that correct.

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