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Morning. It's six thirty. I'm Sean Conrad is now four weeks and counting for the partial government shutdown that story is coming up. But first, let's check a look at the morning road. Sears k long from the SafeTouch Security traffic center. We do have one big traffic problem to tell you about this morning. Beers avenue is shutdown both eastbound and westbound between lake Magdalene boulevard and lake emerald boulevard. A car hit a power pole earlier in there are lines down on the road. So use Flusher for an easier ride here. Otherwise, we're looking pretty good on the roads. We don't have any problems on the interstates. We're in good shape on seventy five I seventy five and I four so far this morning. The expressways also checking and Claire K long NewsRadio WFL getting warmer for this Friday, high of seventy four even seventy seven for Saturday, fifty two at NewsRadio WFL lay with no end in sight to the government shutdown. President Trump cancelled speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Afghanistan. This comes a day after speaker Pelosi asked the president to postpone his state of the union address. While all of this is going on. Federal workers and contractors are trying to get by without paychecks. CBS news correspondent Mark Liberman has the latest on vice President Mike Pence and White House adviser Jared Kushner's attempts on Capitol Hill to continue negotiations. Vice president Pence in senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, met with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell last night on Capitol Hill with regards to the ongoing shutdown McConnell told reporters quote were still discussing the situation today in Washington Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo plans to meet with top North Korean negotiators as US officials hope to plan a second summit between President Trump and that country's leader Kim Jong Hoon BBC news. Correspondent Barbara pelt. Usher has more on that story. Kim Young child arrived on a commercial flight from Beijing. It was the first time in nineteen years that a top North Korean officials stayed overnight in the nation's capital. He's reported to be carrying a new letter from Kim. Mm jungle into President Trump meant to pave the way for a second summit. This is what he did last June and the meeting in Singapore, followed.

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