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Learn more today Zacks landmark dot EDU winter will show the law enforcement public servants public service you're gonna get a microcosm of society you're going to get the people who are our heroes and you can get the people that are villains unfortunately the trick is getting people our villains out and hopefully not to get them on the forced red winter ball tomorrow afternoon three to six your emergency situation station welcome back the Ben Shapiro show it is amusing to watch the demands of the people who have just taken over a swath of Seattle okay so what are the demands of the protesters so you're their demands they want abolition of the Seattle police department and the court system abolition of it they they deliberately say we do not request reform we demand abolition we demand the defining abolition of the Seattle police department and the attached criminal justice apparatus I mean one hundred percent funding including existing pensions for Seattle police also want to disallow the operations of ice in the city of Seattle we demanded that the use of armed force began entirely no guns and no buttons and no right shields and no chemical weapons we demand an end to the school to prison pipeline in the abolition of youth jails get kids out of prison and get cops out of schools we demand that the U. new youth prison being built in Seattle currently be repurposed we demand but not the city government run state government that the federal government wants a full scale investigation into past and current cases of police brutality in Seattle and Washington as well as the re opening of all closed cases reported to the office of police accountability we demand reparations for victims of police brutality in a form to be determined so they're not actually going to explain what I mean by that we demand that the city of Seattle make the names of officers involved in police brutality a matter of public record we demand a retrial of all people of color currently serving a prison sentence for violent crime by a jury of their peers in the community so you presumably this means that if you are a black person who committed a crime in a year in jail they want you we tried but only for black and only by a black jury we demand decriminalization of the acts of protest an amnesty for protesters generally but specifically those involved in what has been termed the George Floyd rebellion against the terrorists sell it previously occupied this area known as the Seattle police department this includes the immediate release of all protesters currently being held in prison after the arrest made eleven time and time on Sunday night we demand that the city of Seattle and state government release any prisoner currently serving time for marijuana related offenses we demand that they release any prisoner serving time just for resisting arrest we demand the prisoners serving cut time be given full and unrestricted right to vote we demand an end to prosecutorial immunity for police officers we demand abolition of all imprisonment all in prison not just at the start with youth in prison and then like you know what as this goes on I have a second thought all information and no more prisons we demand that the Seattle police department and it's lost and found in return property owned by denizens of the city we demand that all the body cameras be turned on and all body camera footage be made available to the public and they want free public housing they also would like D. gentrification of Seattle starting with rent control they want free college for everybody in the state of Washington they want hospitals and care facilities Seattle to imply black doctors and nurses specifically to help care for black patients so they what resegregation of hospitals which is a fascinating man we demand the people of Seattle seek out and probably support black owned businesses so we have to subsidize specifically black owned businesses and we demand that the city of Seattle instead of washing to remove any and all monuments dedicated to historical figures of the confederacy etcetera etcetera so well done everybody these are the people to whom you are catering coming up we'll talk about the condescension implicit from what will be the bulls in greenlighting what's going on in Seattle or in greenlighting riding and looting on the basis of racial justification misadventure.

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