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Do you trust the FBI you trust the jiman-? What do you think about what happened this morning at five A M outside a three bedroom? Private home in Florida as twenty nine police officers and federal agents to the teeth in body armor with fifteen thousand pistols, arrested and handcuffed roaches stone for what what was the charge that he misrepresented what he said in front of a congressional committee about his contacts to WikiLeaks. Contacts were legal. But the fact that he misrepresented them means that he had to stand in a federal duck today. Incredible portions of America, I brought to you in part by the association for mature American citizens. Amac back to your calls line to waiting very patiently. Oh my gosh. Donovan from Kentucky. I you still on the line Donovan and back there. Yes. I am. Welcome aboard. Well, you know, a million that some here nine states the wall. I went to college ASU I used to cross that border every weekend. I'm looking Miami. Miami to Nashville, and there's a lot of Americans who don't really understand how immigrants are hurting us, and I can tell you if you've ever been to Tennessee, they such a huge illegal immigration problem. They can breaking the poultry industry. Money desperately just to repair the roads. So they tax food ten percent. And that that is how the average Joe Americans don't understand how that wall affects you weapon, Tennessee, even. It's such a good point. I've said it before but it needs repeating every single day. If you're discussing this issue with the democrat, if you're discussing this issue somebody who who doesn't like Donald Trump. There's a very important message to get out if you are somebody who sees themselves as compassionate, then you should build the wall. I am not going to be affected by illegal immigration in terms of my job security, most Americans aren't but who's going to be threatened who's going to be hurt. The most it's going to be the recent legal immigrant who barely speaks English. Who's at the bottom of the income, ladder income somebody from Guatemala, Mexico. You name it is prepared to do that person's job at half the rate for cash under the table. Guests who heads not me not the people in DC, not the people in the big cities the recently arrived legal immigrants. So whether it's the children that are being sent unaccompanied in the hands of the coyotes. Whether it's the women eighty percent of whom are sexually assaulted as trafficked across the border. Whether it's the seventy two thousand Americans who died as a result of a drug overdose. Last year ninety percent of the opioid. They took coming across the southern border. But whether it's victims of MS thirteen whether it's Kate Steinle whether its corP nail saying, if you can't if you'll compassionate if you think you are the person who champions human rights than you should be on the side of building the wall because it stops the incentive for these things to happen. Let's go thank you for your call. Donovan that let's go to a champion for law enforcement. Bob in California. Thank you for joining us. Bob. Welcome aboard. Hello. Yes. Can you hear me America? Can hear you Bob. Okay. Great. Hey, listen, Mr. Gorka, I respect you one hundred percent. I'm neither democrat or Republican. But when you talk about the FBI such a terrible HMO retired police office. At surged twenty three years, and I admire I respect, and I've always worked many years with the FBI eight. Is this your tearing down because you're saying did I did I say anything in general about the whole FBI? I did not, sir. I did not. I did not. I did not say the FBI's terrible. So so I'll hear you out. But you've got to quote me correctly. Go ahead. Let me go and fish, you said that they showed up a Roger stone's home. What twenty seven agents guns draw? Let me just say this that is the normal procedures does not for a white collar crime. It isn't Yukon sorry. I respect your time enforcement for a white collar crime to do with congressional testimony. It is not Leo standard procedure to have a loaded. AR fifteen in your hand. That is not correct, Bob, you know, it, and I know it is Mr. gore is not it is not it is not absolutely not. If you're dealing Bob if you're dealing with somebody who the threat assessment indicates has a violent track record and has the means to do. So then the prior rate briefing goes over that threat assessment, and you prepare accordingly, but for a man who is charged with perjury in a congressional cry in a congressional testimony. It is not absolutely not standard operating procedures. Bob. Sorry. Factually, not correct. This is America. I.

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