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Your application or your flow will will process data? So an event comes in off of a arrest, you know, arrest trigger or a calf trigger or whatever. Right. Maybe you enhance the data you quarry data from another data source. You enrich. Chit than you right into a database, and you do some other logic. And and then you return a result back to the caller. That's how you kind of start implementing your your micro service. And then again, we have that go API. So that you could leverage those four hundred contributions that exist in the get hub community to code your your API code, your, Microsoft, just just using go. We've got this other concept of so we've talked about the triggers already, but one of the unique benefits that we haven't yet touched on is that you could actually have multiple triggers bound to a single action. So if this case if we use the action as the flow, you can have multiple triggers bound to a single flow. Okay. And the flow itself is almost treated like a function. So we like to say it's kind of like a function as a flow if you will. So the flow has input parameters and the flow has output parameters. So when the the event source or when the data comes in off of one of these events orces, the trigger or the handler, actually maps the trigger. Data to your flow. And then you're flow operates against a predefined schema or predefined objects set, so the logic in your flow doesn't actually have to change even though you're consuming data from multiple different triggers. So in this case, it's allows you to really build a robust and kind of flexible, Microsoft, MRs in the sense that you can consume data from multiple different sources without changing any of your your app logic. If there are people listening right now, and they're still trying to figure out whether flow go fits some application. Use case that they have can you help them think through this who should be using flow. Go. Yes. So that's this offend has to question. So I think there are a number of different personas that should be looking at flow go, so so I four most of the most generic sense say anybody that wants to build event driven applications should look at flow go, so how do you wanna process he's events? Are you processing singular events are you processing stream of events or maybe. One of the other actions that we haven't talked about its flow go rules, which is a at the moment. It's it's really implementation of a rules that that rule network that that can perform execution of rules, against fact known fact, so it is stateful in the sense that historical facts can be persisted in in memory. And then you can execute rules against incoming events and then join them against those historical facts. So I'd say generically if you wanna look at if you want to get into event processing you want to consume. You're not quite sure I'm going to consume from casket today. But that could change later, but I don't want to change it or redo a bunch of application logic. Definitely look at flow go if you want something that's lightweight inefficient. Absolutely. Look if logos. So if event driven is something of interest to you, you need something that's lightweight efficient in you need something that has machine learning constructs built as native first class citizens within the the overarching ecosystem framework than absolutely look at flow. Go there as well. What are some other example, applications that you have used? Logo for this one? I will kick over to Leon. He's built amend and help people build quite a few different apps from slack integration. To a bunch of other stuff Leon to cure. So I'm actually starting off with decided to Craciun simply because that seemed very popular nowadays accident the group I was talking to earlier today. It was one of the things that they wanted to build simply because it's it's an easy way to watch extend slack with with even more capabilities than than you already have. And as mattress talking about the event driven paradigm. And in this case, it would be, you know, sending a slack command or Justice slack listening in to everything that is going on in particular channel some of the other applications that I've helped build is install so very simply people automating their their day today..

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