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This president because he's ready and he's grandfathered in much the way the mortgage deduction is grandfathered right every hour is trying to figure out if they were some selfdealing going on yeah without even having to think about at the answer is yes take care all right steve let's talk to larry larry's kelly from hayward good morning larry iran we're just not used to have a president who really speaks did the bell after this terrorist his opinion and then it ought to be at get elliot very good down the previous president which picked up piller mineral crepeau they wish the angle and drifted uh trump is changing if you don't work so i think it's good that we do have a predator that this says what it on his mind and it honest about it well i do think he's honest about it his tweets which is why i've never been one to say shouldn't shouldn't be on twitter i like you know what he really thinks as though the honest about it yeah look i i said the same thing in terms of my feelings towards the they've the the guy who killed the eight people were injured thirteen in new york day before yesterday i mean come on of course my feelings of the same death penalty leave that out for a moment but the guy obviously did it should get the harshest penalty but it's a difference because nobody's going to go into co no lawyers gonna say yellow runaway and said that no but they are going to say donald trump said this and it has a big difference in terms of the impact bob is insane elina bob good morning welcome decay g l go ahead there are good morning i really appreciate appreciate your show your non assured your thoughts rather than talking about the tax changes honor winners and losers buried richard any change produces winners and losers i sure appreciate if the discussion arroyo serb appreciable ernst salisbury discussion and argue the state and local tax issue you're the every good example i would like even lower co what's her i said explain well even though i'm a california resident i would like somebody to explain why it fair or even moral or florida rozier erma florida yo state income tax why of florida regime who had identical to me or you in every respect shoot a fire federal income tax then you or i do because.

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