President Trump, Chuck Schumer, Mexico discussed on Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes


Z ABC's. Karen Travers has more from the White House. It was a key campaign promise. But now President Trump says he didn't mean it literally when he said Mexico would pay for the wall he wants to build on the US southern border has ever meant to write out a check. I said they're gonna pay for it. They are paying for it. With the incredible deal. We made the United States, Mexico and Canada US MCA deal trade deal despite the president repeating this claim there's no evidence that the US Mexico Canada agreement will pay for the wall deal still has not been ratified by congress. The shutdown means hundreds of thousands of federal workers won't get a paycheck tomorrow. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on multiple occasions. He's refused our request reopen. Unrelated parts of the government and continue negotiations on border security revealing that he's holding the American people hostages leverage tomorrow, this shutdown will tie the record for the longest one in American history secretary. State Mike Pompeo spoke in Egypt today. He accused President Obama of failing to protect allies like Israel while emboldening, Iran. We've learned from our mistakes. We've rediscovered our voice we rebuilt our relationships. Former Obama administration officials rejected the accusations as petty and week attorney general nominee William bar will be back on Capitol Hill to meet with senators today his confirmation hearing is scheduled for next week. On Wall Street, the Dow is up forty five points that started the day down. The NASDAQ is up eight points. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's.

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