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Of course it was because of the school in party was because of school to prison pipeline that his fellow students were murdered because the murderer would have gone to prison for a lot of other things that he had done and he wasn't even black but it didn't matter they don't want the prison they the pipeline baby prison save lives did it ever occur to people on the left there were violent criminals who are imprisoned one of the benefits is they can't murder or or do other things terrible to people outside of prison they do terrible things in prison which by the way bothers me a great deal you know it's actually one of the only issues where i agree with the left thing to think for example i think that solitary confinement is a form of torture should be very very very very rarely used oh god he was really doctrine aided wells a leftist this kid white privilege the pipeline porn of corporate america corporate america as soon as they hit corporate america i know dealing with somebody on the left corporate man you know i have no love for big corporations they have zero values nevertheless they do a lot of good corporate america as opposed to what socialist american non corporate america tell me what countries have done well without corporations you could mean many obviously they're all totalitarian oh yeah why not hey you got parkland count student cameron caskey.

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