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But our fatness as, Americans we're crippling the donkey's that carry people around on tours In greece Crippling crippling the donkey's cannot support our weight as Americans It, just it just lies down we'll so in, Santa Riney which, is which I've seen pictures of. Only oh my gosh it doesn't even look real beautiful it has a very. Hilly terrain and typically the way that it works donkeys you climb onto the back of a donkey and the donkey carries you up the side. Of the hill or the hilly terrain in Santa rainy so you, can see all the beautiful views donkeys are very. Strong very strong known for carrying. Loads except for us our fatness as Americans are crippling the backs of the donkey's They can't they break their their. Backs the donkey is don't have the energy and they colossus horrible terrible, because we are, so fat as Americans and God. Forbid we walk up the hill in Santa rainy we'll use a donkey to. Get up there for example when I was on we're on our honeymoon in Punta Cana they offer horseback riding horses are stronger bigger than donkeys. But don't are strong and I remember when I walked up first, of all my wife Kelly grew up with horses. So in a normal circumstance apparently. You're supposed to wear pants So I'm walking, on the, beach is ninety degrees outside. Wearing jeans and tennis shoes, everyone else has shorts on yeah They say they, said that I went. To the same, places, you, they, said that before you go make sure you wear long pants but it's so hot I was, like hell no no one else known else. Did so is it was the information my wife gave me, is correct is being we're the only ones wearing pants you're sweating and like, this is, going, to, be, so. Romantic and then the worker so me walk. Up and he had a horse riding he goes oh no no no and he. Got a bigger horse for. Me One hundred I wear jeans on,.

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