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Body was no longer writhing in pain. He seemed to stop sweating. The PRAETORIAN guard was relieved. The doctor had saved their. Emperor. At this point, xenophon told the soldiers that they could leave the emperor to rest. No, one would bother him now little did the guards realize the emperor's apparent tranquillity was not the result of a miracle cure xenophon feather was actually dipped in atro- Bub Bella Donna. As deadly nightshade, he applied a heavy dose of the poison to Claudius his larynx and throat where it entered the bloodstream. Instantly, the emperor was now breathing shallowly within an hour he was dead. When. The Sun rose in the morning I'll gruppen went into see her husband there in his bed. She found him cold and unresponsive. She screamed for the servants to fetch the doctor. Once again, this time when xenophon arrived, he confirmed that the emperor was indeed dead. As the servants looked on xenophon admitted that perhaps the emperor hadn't regurgitated enough of the poison he had tried his best but there was nothing that they could have done. He tried to comfort agree Pena who was now a widow? Pena. Didn't tell the Senate of Claudius is death for a few days according to her astrologer. She had to wait for the correct stars to align. She wanted an auspicious moment to break the news to them. But more importantly to announce that her son Nero would ascend the throne. In the days that followed, they were elaborate funeral rites held for Claudius, his body was cremated and the ashes were interred in the mausoleum of Emperor. Augustus. Ironically seventeen-year-old Niro delivered the eulogy for his slain stepfather. Many Romans had the hide their laughter during the speech. They knew the boy had the most to gain from. Claudius as death and everyone suspected Niro's mother had poisoned hair. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that could be done. Now the empire needed a ruler. So the Senate conferred the title.

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