President Trump, Mitch Mcconnell, John Field discussed on Mark Levin



Good man he was good person i don't know i don't think i ever spoke to the president also blamed democrats for not approving further funding to help with the growing crisis at border detention facilities it's not four minutes past the hour a commitment from the senate leader to vote on a permanent fix to the nine eleven compensation fund sitting majority leader mitch mcconnell has agreed to a vote by august on extending for decades victims and first responders compensation fund a group of nine eleven first responders said that after a meeting with the lawmaker if he drew from his commitment then we'll go back into a tax but for now we're gonna put down on john field was a recovery worker at ground zero nine eleven compensation fund provides healthcare services for first responders set to expire next year pails have already been flashed a house measure would replenish the fund and extend it to twenty ninety on capitol hill jared halpern fox news houston billionaire oil era is taking over texas monthly randa dunkin williams bought the publication also promising to heavily invested it says he's been reading the so-called national magazine of texas and she was a teenager and loves its aditorial flare terms of the deal have not been released houston livestock show and rodeo is out with its annual economic impact study and it's a positive one thousand nine hundred houston livestock show and rodeo generated a total economic impact of two hundred twenty seven million dollars and total economic activity at three hundred ninety one million dollars in greater houston the reporting -cluded direct spending the number of jobs supported in greater houston and the inspected increase in taxes associated with spending related to the two thousand nineteen rodeo.

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