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Given my in the drum calls at the time we're all pretty simple. Yeah it was a three beats means go right and You know if i start playing sixty were charging ahead so it wouldn't be so difficult for someone to figure out what it was but would the reason someone would get more fancy with it and and have it be more unique to would. Would it be to make it harder. So people couldn't mimic it and throw people off. I mean is that part of it. That's exactly what happened. So following this defeat where the french. What the hell just happened we got hoodwinked. The king of france at the time he decides okay. Well the solution is to make our drum signals so complicated that no one could ever possibly copied them and that's exactly what they did interesting. And so he much in the way that king francis the first this is Believe now so king francis the first hires this guy are bo to write the rhythms. The king of france. At that time. It was louis louis the thirteenth or fourteenth busy. Hires this guy to write the most complicated drum music has ever been written like insane. And he gathers this guy and a bunch of other top drummers and invite them all of and essentially has a namm show a big conference where they're gonna basically not leave until they have all learned it and figured out. This is the new french trump style. And it's incredibly complicated and then we're going to learn it here and we're gonna write it down. Codify it make it official and then go and teach it to everybody. Well it's more of a basic than enamored say. Yeah yeah pay. Yeah it's not not by gear gear. I'm sure so. Yeah there is actually a thing where they started. That was the first instance. I believe of the breasts. Najim making even ladder. Wow seventeen sixty seven french decree were knowing you're using would we're gonna use brass. Yeah and they also mandated. They were very particular about what they wanted in commanded new sizes for what the cylinder is going to be forty six centimeters by thirty eight centimeters so they made the drums smaller but made a brass. Gotcha i imagined to. It would have been similar to in america where there might have been contracts for drum makers similar to like noble and cooley. It's you're now making a ton of brass drums. Get to it right exactly. Yeah all right like you said we're in the mid seventeen. Hundreds is outright one hundred on basically that is essentially the.

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