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Here's tom received a much-needed boots to his leadership this week as labor beat expectations and won the battle and spent by-election in west yorkshire. I do hereby declare that kim. Michelle leadbeater is julie. Elected now is catching up on sleep. Maybe a few glasses of face. And then there's lots to do. And i think the campaign has highlighted that. There's lots to do. I'm absolutely delighted that the people of battling spent have rejected division. They voted for her. Thank you very much. Everybody welcome to paint politics your essential inside the guide to what's happening in british politics from the financial times with me sebastian. Pain in this episode will be examining how they've managed to cling all in battling spent an attempt. Kim led me to as its new. Mp was expectations management. Good ground campaigning. Or was it my hand. Cocked blame political editor. George parker discussed along with our chief correspondent jim picard and later we'll be looking at how the new health secretary sanjay javid who differ from his plead assessing mahan called on fixing corona virus. Would it be more eager to lift restrictions. And how does he intend to deal with the social calf problems. Health editor savitt affable discussed along with chief political commentator. But shrimps louis jordan. Jim welcome back as i said so. This weekend over. Steve vite big thing coming up. Which is the england football game and i think out of the three of us. I'm probably the least football minded out of all of you. But when england is playing into his very hard to not get swept up in the national mood. I ended up watching the last match with the glorious triumph against germany. Sitting outside a bar in soho watching on an iphone because f. I was absolutely packed out so i'm hoping something a bit less tragic this time. What about you george. Well said i'm hoping to watch it a very nice pub on the waterfront in devon called swan in lympstone. So that's my that's my dream pop for watching the game and another locals down there a big football fans and watch the scotland game down there as well so looking forward to that. What about you jimmy. Unisom nice west. London pub so i love to chase the game. It was really exciting. Wasn't it. I've got it sorry clash. I'm locked in months ago to visiting seconds with some of the younger pickles so much to my private hora on what was the game could jump. There's no by elections on that night. As.

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