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To seventy nine seventy nine. Seventy nine he'll be at fort drum today meeting with trips and? Signing the national defense authorization act White House says the legislation since the budget and priorities for the defense department, President Obama the last commander in chief to visit the base back in twenty eleven the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is denying nine Trump Beverly disgusts Michael Flynn with James call me in the Oval Office if he goes in and testify to that under oath instead of just this, being a dispute they can say it's perjury if they elect to believe Coney instead of Trump and they should know by, now who they, believe on state of the union Giuliani. Said the president would testify he never asked the former FBI director if. He could give Flint a break Flynn. Is Trump's former national security Adviser accused of making false statements to the FBI regarding conversations with Russian officials Giuliani says even if Trump did say that it would not be obstruction of. Justice attorney Michael Abernathy says he's going to put President Trump. On trial one way or. The other we've lost track of holding him accountable as it relates to the truth and, facts and evidence made the continents on ABC's this week when speaking about. Putting the president. On trial he says the question is how. Many jurors ever gonna have he's representing adult film stars. Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump lawyer announced recently, he would run against Trump and the, twenty twenty presidential election if he doesn't think another democratic candidate could defeat him, the caselton man who injured Tuesday trippers on I ninety we'll be sentenced today Christopher Newman, previously pleaded guilty to. Vehicular assault for hitting Tuesday triggers in a tow truck driver in north greenbush in March it was driving drunk Speeding when he hit the three according to prosecutors he. Could get two to six years in prison a fifth and. Final deployment of SUNY and CUNY students have left for, Puerto Rico.

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