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Go. See a do you need a fucking type before you now to what don't you get? He was in a six fight contract decided after three to walk and tell another entity is men was for re don't you get he says, I guy is for read understand that's on us. No, it's not illegal your head your your arguments on ethical now. It's on ethical it's business. So I think you'll grossing he's doing Mario said he's doing the best by his client. He made. It was also shown on Showtime. It's unethical. You could say, oh, people would agree with it. It's no eagle Akon. I'm not going to continue to allow you guys to say that. Hey, he lied. But it's okay. He's guilty with an explanation because ultimately he's looking out for age as best interests. I. Don't care what we are here to prove is that Espinosa was trying to show us. This man can't be trusted here is why. But you guys are such that you keep saying it don't matter because ultimately he was looking out for AJ. So fuck you fuck if he lied to Shota fuck if he lied to HBO he was looking out the AJ, and we're just inundated be happy. John king can't be trusted. Don king. Don King ripped off his clients. Don King ripped off his fighters. Dunking took money out the pocket of these minutes. He he made deals that absolutely were against his fighters. Best interest. Okay. Eddie heard if he were doing that stuff to AJ than. Yep. -solutely? He's unethical. Absolutely. He can't be trusted. But even when Osas coming from this is a one-sided party. He's only seen it from his bits anew. I was going to be in this situation. Because all I do is fight uphill battles. Like, this is the say, y'all takeout name. Look, I'm taking out AJ. And I'm putting in Tyson. You mother fuckers respect the guy that got shot not the niggle hitch trying to kill you mother. Fuckers Jake Tyson fury, we take it. Then we now hit goes Tyson. He's negotiating with while the but guess was secretly ESPN. But somehow. While does that full. Oh, no, no. You bring up my point. Don't. Are you get mad what basis for most of the morning because you guys are fucking like, I don't know. Yeah. Like, dick skull this hell like my man telling you, he ally, he giving you facts the homeboys alive. But now here in the lions because guess what he got AJ his pockets Fateh, man, you guys are fucking Weber. Just with. Recap on his show is all I know. Okay. We can. We got on the Lohia money pilot, fourth number several six are would assemble six. How the going Mr. money out of four men? Have you on the show? How going this morning. Good morning. I'm glad to be on a whole all you guys are doing will have one of the morning doing great doing great now. Let's let me backtrack a little bit. Let the people know in my panel. No, how did the name money Powell the fourth come about? Will the name of money actually, originated back in Mississippi? My great great grandfather was a farmer, and he he named his Trojan after how much money he made that year from forming, and he had a lot of kids and money was one of the children because he made a lot of money that you're selling crops. So he named one of the children money, and they all worked on a farm, but money was the only one who was like really against hard work. He did not like it at all. So they you're gonna work or you're gonna have to leave so money said, you know, what I'm just going to get it on my own. He decided to move out and he became a real big Showtime gambler. And from what I was told from my dad, and my grandfather's that he was bringing in so much money..

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