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He is. Urging congress to fix a broken immigration system. Meantime, the US chamber of commerce, not ruling out legal action over the tariffs. A levee breach in Arkansas, as flooding devastates communities along the Arkansas river into neighboring Oklahoma, while multiple states recover from two weeks of tornadoes. Tomorrow, marks the official start of hurricane season. Fox's Evan Brown. Live in Miami. Lisa. The federal government's hurricane forecasting team is hoping people will take preparation, evermore seriously, this year, considering last year's hurricane Michael a category. Five storm struck. The Florida panhandle with very little heads up historically, there's only been four category. Five storms hit the United States every single one was a tropical storm three days out, National Hurricane Center director, Ken Graham, the center is predicting there could be as many as eight Atlantic hurricanes. This yearly anx on Wall Street right now off the Dow's down to fifty eight. This is Fox News. This is ninety seven point one wash. FM Toby not period. You've got to hurry in for this. The buy one get one event. It's on a mattress warehouse. Select mattress sets are buy one get one free bed pillow. Buy one get one fifty percent off at mattress warehouse. Now carries nectar mattresses. So now you can try it before you buy it. For a limited time, one hundred twenty five dollars on your nectar mattress purchase and get to pillows free and buy with confidence with the mattress warehouse one year price guarantee find a better price someplace else, I'll match it. Plus fifty percent of the difference. Mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com for a location near you. Dot com. As the warm weather returns, subdue mosquitoes, termites, and other annoying pests, tickets stand this year with a five star pest control experts at crop Metcalf. Their pest control technicians, have the training and techniques to stop mosquitoes termites or any other pests that might be bugging, you and your family. Call one eight hundred crop or visit crop Metcalf dot com for more and remember. Is with crop Metcalf. Home of the five star. Technician, proud partner of the Washington nationals. You've got all kinds of hustle, like get the job done hustle, and get the kids out the door, hustle. If you've got hustle. We've got your back.

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