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Arms and china aimed at clean up their operations and reassure consumers in both the us and at home the camera system the farm area a customer buys a bag abaga fish you have a cure kuna back on your smartphone through our you are code on the back and you'll have a chance to see the actual farm the race this fish in your back of old high tech and traditional practices could make farmed fish safer those stories and more this week on living on earth mr herat live from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston iraqi prime minister says the operation to retake the town of tall all far west of mozell from the islamic state group is underway the bbc's rami will higham reports the town and the surrounding area is one of the last pockets of isis held territory in iraq announcing the start of the operation the iraqi prime minister hide the lab bedi said isis fighters have no choice but to surrender or die the assault is being carried out by the iraqi army and predominantly shiite factions known as the popular mobilization units the iraqi army says that are on two thousand ias fight in the city tens of thousands of civilians are believed to have fled over the past few months the bbc's rami boro higham thousands of people converged on downtown boston for yesterday's conservative activists rally and massive counterprotest demonstrators chanting antinazi slogans end up overpowering group that had planned a smaller so called free speech rally the demonstrations came a week after racially charged protests in charlottesville virginia and berlin saturday neonazis rallied on the outskirts of the city marking the thirtieth anniversary of the death of hitler's deputy rudolf hess npr's maggie penman reports the rally was registered in given the goahead by authorities with some strict guidelines german laws prohibit celebrating the country's nazi history so demonstrators couldn't where swastikas or use nazi slogans the rally was met with counter protests and a heavy police presence keeping the two groups apart elizabeth deacon came out to protest the demonstration many of her family members were killed during the holocaust and she says she felt frustrated that the rally was allowed to go on at all it makes me very angry leads they allowed them searching like that they is supported a killer in knots killer that's all the.

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