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Mean the Saudi royal family are holding all the cards holiday travelers are facing some snow in the west rain and flooding in the southeast here's CBS news meteorologist Jeff Barrett deli the worst disruptions to holiday travel look to be today on the southeast coast through tonight then things start to get better although there's gonna be a few storms passing through the west coast moderate storms not very significant ones but done the last around travel time it certainly will cause some travel delay China says it'll lower import tariffs on more than eight hundred fifty products next month analysts say it shows China's desire to show a willingness to work toward an agreement with the US CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger we know that this is part of this phase one trade deal and that this particular action will lower tariffs for all trading partners on eight hundred fifty nine types of products on that could mean everything to frozen pork and semi conductors and some medicines as well what team pays its players the most believe it or not it's not an American T. but rather one from this morning intelligence research firms as Barcelona pays its players an average of nearly thirteen million dollars a year top U. S. team for average pay the NBA's Portland trailblazers that was up a hundred twenty four this is CBS news Capital One is re imagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One what's in your wallet Capital One N. A. member.

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