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Wall street diamond bloomberg's paul gordon has details from frankfurt pc these latest governing council meetings a relatively quantum fan but that mass some important divisions and it'll be interesting to see how they come through in the account policymakers are increasingly pushing for a discussion on how to tweak their language to signal that the end of the bomb buying program is closer president draghi has so far being unwilling to have that talk language on how long interest rates will stay low is also a hot topic for sauna saying they'll stay where they are until well past at the end of acid purchases is simply too vague in frankfurt paul golden bloomberg daybreak and a uk the economy expanded less than previously estimated enough fourth quarter gross domestic product rose fourtenths of a percent compared with an initial estimate of five tenths of upper said consumers and businesses absorbed faster price increases in the period here in the us ray delios sees a seventy percent chance of a recession in the next two and a half years the founder of bridgewater associates the world's largest hedge fund made the comments at the harvard county schools institute politics in cambridge i think we're at a pre bubble stage that could go into a bubble stage that then could be followed by a bus face and so that in that west phase of the cycle would be my guest and i would say that the probability of a recession prior to the next presidential election would be out relatively high what would i say i dunno seventy percent or something like that and when it comes to your of ray delio is betting big on a downturn so far this year is firms a mastodon twenty two billion dollars in short bets against some of europe's biggest companies turning to earnings now shares of barclays our up more than five percent in london after the bank posted trading income that fell less than estimates ceo jess daily tells bloomberg things are looking up for barklays in 2018 especially with increased market volatility but for a fourth of january and february volatility came back with some of us had thought of my life and that is good for the markets business way too early to really give any indication but rarely star was quite positive ceo stanley says barclays will also increase its dividend and consider buying back shares for the first time in more than twenty years.

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