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Wish many of their teachers will remain at home. 1600 teachers have been granted an American with disabilities accommodation, meaning they have an underlying health condition, or maybe at a higher Risk of severe illness from the coronavirus. Those teachers will virtually connect to teach classrooms full of kids and help students out around 850 classroom monitors are going to be hired. Those teachers have the option of returning to the classroom once they've been vaccinated. Luke Luke to beauty. Opie knows students will be returning to their school buildings in the next few weeks in Alexandria City schools and will soon learn about Arlington County's plan. More from wtl piece, Neil Augustine already is not time. For this pivot Alexandria School Superintendent Gregory Hutchings, with numbers showing slightly less risk teachers, getting vaccines and mitigation process is in place to try to avoid spread in schools, he says. The time is now K through fifth grade with disabilities and English learners will return to Alexandria Schools more second by March. 16th students in all grades who chose hybrid will be back in buildings two days a week in Arlington County Superintendent Francisco Diran says Hill announced returned dates for all grades at the next school board meeting on February 18th. The log unstained Wtl Pino, the Corona virus pandemic has revealed the importance of tending to Children's emotional well being. Wtl piece. Kate Ryan s some insight and some advice. That lumber room who leads the counseling team at Montgomery County's Briggs Cheney Middle School in Silver Spring, is very familiar with the emotional issues that kid's air facing because of the pandemic there at home alive, depending on where they live. They may not even see their classmates in their neighborhoods. And if there you don't have siblings, it's really lonely. So a lot of time is spent in that social emotional peace, trying just to equip them with the skills they need. So Articulate their thoughts without being impulsive and making decisions That probably aren't the best for parents, Baru advises. Have realistic expectations like Don't change your standards or one in your child to do really well, but just be mindful of the fact that they are 12 or 13, and they're in a virtual space, and they haven't seen their friends in the year. Kate Brian w. T. O P NEWS Maryland WOMAN in the Super Bowl spotlight tonight. Baltimore is Jessica long. One of America's most decorated Paralympic swimmers, is featured in a Toyota commercial. You won't see a single car and Toyota 62nd spot with Baltimore Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, Alex for me to be amputated, who was adopted from.

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