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Be show a Otani of the Angels up against Max Scherzer of the national System starting pitchers for the American National League tomorrow night in the All Star game at Denver's Coors Field, Nick Castano said. The Reds will hit fifth and Jesse Winker sixth. The National League starting lineup. RL carriers All Star coverage presented by Skyline Chili and nor. Com. Technology Solutions starts tomorrow night at seven right here on 700 wlw. Bill Dennison 700 wlw Sports on Wall Street that I was up 1 35 NASDAQ is up 28 s and P 500 is up 15. It's now 3 37. Our next update is going to be at four o'clock. I'm Sarah. At least NewsRadio 700 wlw ain't no place like a cowboy place in no time, like a couple of times ain't no way like the cowboy. We have a gap boy kind of day here when you're on that hungry crowd boys contained that cowboy ground. No way like the cowboy. We have a cowboy candidate. Yeah. Particular your taste buds with the New Texas Pete Buffalo Chicken tenders at Roy Rogers restaurants. Their hand breaded and battered and dipped in Texas, Pete Buffalo style chicken wing sauce. Yeah. Ain't no way like the cowboy way in a song like a cowboy song. Have a cowboy kinda date at a rose in a way we're going wrong thing. Yeah. Try the New Texas people. Buffalo Chicken tenders at Roy Rogers restaurants. Doordash and uber eats available at participating restaurants. Audible delivers.

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