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Here's the thing. Please please please as we're talking about that curve there. Please tell me that birth. The camel will remain around the birth and acts no. We're going to great ming whereas berg going. Hey he finally going away. Yeah i've actually. I the camel before i've heard so many other terms for it but yes that is going away. It was funny because in the reporter here. They have a deer. Buck and one of those pieces caught my eye. What the heck is up with the camel at the birth exit. And there's a rule nick campbell. Okay i have nothing to do with that camel. Will i thought you were talking about the hope and the road there. That's where i see where you would draw that conclusion. Yeah okay no campbell. I have nothing to do with. And and yes. It is truly a landmark. So i would. Yeah i agree with you all right so some holiday travel tips. Well you know. Like i said just know that you know you may be getting out into areas that you haven't been in for a while This holiday you may be going to see somebody or drops and presents off or or whatever Know that art language on our roads are very different. Pretty much all the way from berthod all the way up to fort collins along i twenty five and most of the side roads that are connected up especially like thirty four You know if you're driving those at night you're going to see some weird kind of curves Just take it easy slowdown. Follow that person in front of you and and give them some space Last night noticed there were quite a few people who Kind of freaked out a little bit around that curve on thirty four. And and you know on i twenty. Five right now northbound or sorry. The southbound lanes are significantly lower Because the northbound lanes are actually driving with the new level is gonna be when you get out of thirty four and it's kind of off putting when you're driving by it so Just know there's there's it's a little weird until we get it all done Things are going to be a little wonky so just be careful and and pay attention and We'll all make it home and have a good christmas this year. Good advice as always. Jared files cdot region for communications manager. And thank you for all the you do throughout the year. No that you are appreciated as well. Merry christmas happy holidays to you and yours. Well and thank you. We really appreciate you helping us. Get the word out about a about all of this too. So thank you and merry christmas to all of you. Jared files dot reason for communications manager. Eight forty eight thirteen ten kfi k. Party northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k a the block party wednesdays from four ten pm headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and a schedule upcoming sports. Broadcasters find them at thirteen ten k. f. a. dot com you know dasher dancer and france and mix common cupid dom blitz. But do you recall about a little reality for that ask well. Why not show off your community pride with that new really proper clothing line. Gotta love this eight fifty. Three now. thirteen ten k. k. Thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists duty as we compare and piece by tamra market out of the greeley trip not uncommon for people to proudly wear the name of their favorite sports teams school or even brewery on their tests during football season pretty typical to see well a whole bunch of folks sporting broncos jerseys sweatshirts and other a blue and orange apparel on any given sunday any as the case may be just as mica kilpatrick. However it's not too often that we see people wearing something that displays their pride in their community or city. Let alone that being really benson verbal. I hope saying his name correctly. Founder of greeley proper designed a line of apparel to focus on the community with very simple branding. his mission is to highlight grisliest. Place people are proud to live work and play. He went on to say that. There's really a stigma and people think that there's really not a reason to come to greeley. Oh they need to focus up now don't they. I don't know what i was getting into. When i moved to greeley. He said but i just fell in love with it. I love the area the community and the small town feel but still the community has a whole lot going on. Well it was with that love and sense of community. He found in greeley. That inspired him to design greeley proper. A clothing line dedicated to showing our city pride. I've been wanting to do something for a long time to promote really and to give back benson said the clothing. Line just became something that i wanted to showcase greeley as a great place and and being proud of being in greeley. I think people should be proud of living here here here. I might add. Greeley proper is more than a brand. He said it's a movement to showcase. What a great city. We have failed with wonderful people places and a city that we are proud to represent now the clothing. Line itself it features long and short sleeve t shirts leggings variety of hoodies including thermal thermal pullover and zip up options as well as beanies trucker hats flat bill caps and stickers emblazoned with the greeley proper logo. The clothing actually is produced in greeley and verbal plans to donate a portion of the sales of back to the community. He said it's an online store. Everything is made to order. It's pretty cool thing. He said we just launched it a few weeks ago and we are growing and expanding. Its pretty fresh. So we're just trying to get the word out now. Addition to giving community members a chance to display their pride for the city. Verbals also hoping to expand branding opportunities to local businesses. He said my wife grew up in greeley and has family in real deep roots here so we bought a house had a couple of kids and established ourselves here so when not working on his clothing line specializes in buying and selling residential real estate as well as serving on the board of directors For the greeley area real tours association and volunteering at the weld food bank. One more information on greeley proper. Well you can give them a call nine seven seven four four zero two to three. I love it. Don't you really proper rocks. Eight fifty seven now. Thirteen ten kfi k. While the whole sports story in northern colorado the state in the country tune into the.

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