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I know ted cory um but thank you first admitting that that's beautiful that it worked on yeah but i would never be able to hook up in my childhood bed though y it would just has so many bad memories bad memories yeah was like hooking up with guys though we're we're able to me uh well you know like the quarterback cher cher cher cher i never hooked up with his childhood bad so i guess they don't have that its gross my momma just got rid of my childhood bed so that was like a thirty seven year old swimming this he put out on the curve the other day probably i hope that it went to the garbage and nobody took it i think as long as people travelled lee have stories about hooking up at home over christmas and their parent's home mmm so thanks for submitting that i don't know if i've ever hooked up in my parents did you hook up in daves parents ya yeah they don't let your engaged so you can say about it i guess yeah at his parents were years now i wasn't that i think he was a little weird person who's home it is is always more nervous yes and i think the person whose home it is not is always more like let's do it but why it's not like the parents it's like my mom knows i've had sex is still i would never want her to catch me again it's just like weird yet way yeah just scott to be window you after an adult okay the next rate okay this story is really crazy it starts off great taboo and then there's a turn anglosphere and like i just we need this person this and please.

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