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Sized trucks coming off of new trucks that we just launched this year. So we're confident our product portfolio, but we're going to be conservative with costs. And later, we'll go deep on the latest crypto winter with ark invest, Kathy wood. And we'll break down the Bloomberg 50. It's the magazine's annual look at key figures impacting the business world. Stick around. This is Bloomberg. Global market news changes in an instant. So don't miss a minute. Listen to Bloomberg radio anytime anywhere around the world. On the iHeartRadio app. Tune in, the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg dot com. A massive winter storm is creating chaos across the country, at least 23 deaths are being blamed on the Arctic temperatures that have over 60% of the country under a winter weather advisory, so far deaths have occurred in 11 states across the Midwest and the east coast. Heavy snow and buffalo has left more than two feet in some areas. New York governor Kathy hochul updates New Yorkers as frigid temperatures from the polar vortex continue to grip the state. David folk Thomas has the latest. Poke holding a press conference in Queens on Saturday and said real field temperatures everywhere in the state where all below zero. Huckel said she activated the National Guard in western New York after hundreds of motorists became stranded in their vehicles overnight in whiteout conditions. The governor said that the snow was so bad that at one point every fire truck in Buffalo had gotten stuck, as well as at least 9 ambulances. I'm Jim Forbes. Now

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