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But it went the other way. I just can't believe that the jets gave up any points. Matt Barkley Todd Bowles is going I guess the owner wouldn't talk to the media afterwards. That's never good sign. He's gone. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers produced five hundred one yards but scored only three points. They became the first team in NFL history with four hundred and fifty plus total yards and three or few fewer points. Redskins sixteen buccaneers three cutter is gone as well. We mentioned the taking over the play calling thing, you know, Ryan Fitzpatrick through for a million yards. They just they had fumbles interceptions. Missed field goals when they got in the red zone. Just a comedy of errors for the bucks at that point gut. Check win for the Redskins that we said, I mean, you know, Donovan Smith, you know, getting beat for sacks and tackles for loss when they got down inside the red zone drops Mike Gavin drop could have been a touchdown ugly win offense of lead for the Redskins. But they'll take it. Titans. Beat the patriots thirty four ten. It was the third double digit road loss of the season for New England. So Bri I woke up today. Good at nice Bri, very funny. Nice. I woke up at Penn State because on Saturday. I did the Penn State Wisconsin game, which by the way bri-. Have your depends taking before I have not I've never been there. Well, it was so first of okay. It was easily the best couch football press box food. I've ever had and top five overall press box. We've ever had. It's a big steak. It is it is check my Twitter and Instagram at Ross Tucker NFL, I have videos of it. I have pictures of it. They had sauteed green beans, then they had this delicious cheddar potato casserole, then.

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