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Hello from cnn. I'm fez jimmy with the five things you need to know for thursday. September sixteen. A chinese state run newspaper has lashed out against a new partnership between the us uk and australia. Which would see australia. Getting nuclear submarines an editorial in the global times accuses. The us of quote hysterically polarizing. It's alliance system adding that australian soldiers are likely to be the first quote western soldiers to waste their lives in the south china sea. It follows china's foreign ministry which said the move seriously undermines regional peace and stability speaking at a press conference today. Australian prime minister scott morrison emphasize the partnership is not anti china and that the nuclear submarines will not include nuclear weapons. This is a bad propulsion. This is not about acquiring nuclear weapons. Australia has no interest in that now plans for it now. Policy ford now contemplation of it. It's not on our agenda staying in the region. Japan is drawing a red line around an island that is also claimed by china in an exclusive interview. Japan's foreign minister said the islands known as senkaku islands in japan or d. i. u. islands and china were japanese territory and would be defended quote ship for ship and beyond if necessary the move pushes back. At beijing's increasingly aggressive military posturing setting the stage for a potential showdown between the regions. Two biggest powers a prominent south carolina lawyer. Who paid a man to shoot him in. The head is planning to turn himself in later today. According to his attorney according to court documents alex murdoch has admitted to hiring someone to kill him so his son could get a ten million dollar life insurance payout. The plan went wrong when he survived the shooting and is now facing arrest for conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. One of his lawyers told cnn. Murdoch plans to voluntarily surrender at the hampton county jail by two pm. His other attorney said the scheme was an attempt on his part to do something to protect his eldest and only living child his family story. I came to the public. I in june when his wife and son were shot and killed their killings have not been solved and murdoch denies responsibility. Francis president says it has killed in isis chief who claimed responsibility for the twenty seventeen ambush of u. s. forces inisia- that killed four american soldiers in a tweet early. Thursday emmanuel macron said at non abu will lead author ali who led isis. In the greatest sahara had been quote neutralized by french forces. French officials say the targeted drone strike took place in august and also killed ten other isis members statement from a presidential spokesperson said. Sarah we personally ordered the killing of six. French humanitarian workers and their driver and guide in august twenty twenty francis. Foreign minister hailed the killing of what he called public enemy number. One in the region and a vaccine advocate and florida says. She's lost six members of her family to cova nineteen in just three weeks. Lisa wilson has spent months going door to door in palm beach county trying to convince people to get back stated but she told our affiliate w. p. t. v. she couldn't convince her own family until it was too late family. That was dying. On their deathbed they also wanted me to let people know to get vaccinated knee for everybody to hear this message. You know adult trae place with me and my family. What we're going through is not a good feeling. More than fifty. Six percent of the population of palm beach county is fully vaccinated lightly ahead of the us average according to data from the cdc wilson says she'll continue trying to encourage others to get the shots. You're up to date. We'll be back at midday eastern with the latest headlines whenever you want them and wherever you are.

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