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Cuts by 2030 or taking a look at your drive now, and Dave Joseph is headed to 91 or will call driver. Oh, no. You know what? For whatever reason, it popped up an old e mail and I At least it was the right place. We were going to sorry. Well, we've got some issues out there in that will actually Corona area 91 Freeway, westbound past Green River to vehicle wreck along the right shoulder, getting some attention. Also in Anaheim Hills, 91 Freeway westbound before Gypsum Canyon Road crash there on the shoulder. That's got things slow back from The 71. Let's check in with Jeff Bar CAF Eye in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer calm He's looking at things on the 91 out. How did we live prior to emails? It's really bizarre indeed. I got a little good news for you two. It's gonna take a while to feel it. But westbound 91 the Ortiz your freeway right on top of the 7 10. It was quite a crest. We circled there for a long time. And finally not one, but three seats be cruisers showed up to help. Freeway Service Patrol pot abide. It's gone now. All lanes are open. And that's why this slow slower than it should be. Really, for this time of the morning from the 605, the only lane that was moving was the carpool lane going across and you get up to your running super late again. This the West 91 in between 65 the 7 10, Archie's your Boulevard just on the South side. He's looking good. Look at the infamous four or five long beach up that layers coming up. Don't go away injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob can find the sky I will tell you about one little thing on the four or five north out of Sunset Boulevard. We have a car fire off on the shoulder there and seeing quite a bit of slowing on the South bound side, getting away from Burbank Boulevard K a pie in the sky Hopes get you there Faster. I'm Will Kohlschreiber Lakers had to face the Brooklyn Nets without Anthony Davis and without Dennis shrewder LeBron James did as much heavy lifting is he could.

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