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Yes, I agree. I think that if anyone who's gonna win on in the power structure, it's I'm glad it's Tom because he's been trying to to shake things up for the last couple of Vic shins and he's been unable to because he has no power. Now, he has some power. It'd be lovely. If he if you like if he was able to to shake some stuff up here he wants to talk to everyone individually coffee time. I love this idea. So adorable and he's talking to candy about how he wants to do this. But it seems like that that idea kind of gets stomped by Ricky Kato, where they they they don't know if there's huge pro to doing these coffee chat. So I don't know. We'll see those today. But I it's it's because Tom is one of the few people that actually went and watched more than just a couple of episodes. Last night. Like, I would like an like Kato and Ricky like oh who like season, they only know celebrity big, brother. That's literally the only season that they're aware actually know why would you talk to everyone individually like people tell you things like I learned something. Frustrating because like Tom has good game in sinks. And then he sits in a room with like Kato who just like funerals anything that he has to say with you know. Yes. Kato did end up spilling a lot of information to to candy like telling her what the thought process behind back during Ryan saying he's closely working with Tom just 'cause like she was talking with. And she was like, I'm not sure how feeling right now. And he was just like, oh, let me just tell you everything that I now, basically. Sending the worth second hand embarrassment watching this conversation because like Cato like like HAMAs where we're like a gather, and she's like, yeah, I know like notion, and then Tong comes in and Cato's like I told her that like you, and I were pal just so like those thoughts, please stop talking. This is just so uncomfortable for everyone involved, including the people watching at like on their life. This is bad. Tom Kato and Ricky had a conversation that you were going to where they talked about the plan for the week Kato is saying that he would like if it was candy and tame on the block, and then they backed or Ricky backdoor, Joey Ricky was pretty much on board with that. As you mentioned. There was talk of potentially making candy the target as well. And also, I feel like Ricky was maybe pushing toward hey, what if we got ta mar. So there's a lot of debate about like, basically, which of those three Tom said Dina's kind of off the table. He doesn't wanna take DNA out. So it's looking like either candy tame mar or Joey we'll be targeted..

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