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Lawrence, you're brought to us by Commonwealth Motors. Alright in Newton. We get some problems right there. It's all due to construction. That's what's going on right now. So chest that street is close to in either direction between Route nine and Beacon Street this morning, so keep that in mind. 93 South Bend is starting to get slow there from I shouldn't say, starting to its read the room Laureates already slow from Mr Cobb to deliver connector. Let's get a check of the rest of the downtown area with Krista Neck in the WBZ. NewsRadio traffic copter. Well, jury Laurie, If you're jumping on the lever connector, the down ramp from 93. It's going to be pretty slow all the way down towards story, Dr. Open bridge. Inbound is slow in the Chelsea side. Get enough to where you lose The lane for the bus line is also heavy coming out of the city Square tunnel into the loop ramp over in east Boston. The Sumner Tunnel is okay Ted Williams Tunnel westbound, slow and approaching the exit over toward the South Boston side and one a south is heading down through the oil tank farms. Christina Can the WBZ NewsRadio Traffic copter? Alright going to take you about 22 minutes or exactly 22 minutes or bad Expressway from Braintree in the Boston with the toughest step between East Milton Square in Southampton Street. Slow moving traffic 24 north about 1 39 to 93 just a heavy pocket threw stones in their expect delays to eastbound the mass pike. It's basically just slow moving traffic between the supermarket overpass in Newton Corner, but it is moving lorry. Granted, W eases traffic on the three turning up the heat. Toyota's official website for deals Buy a Toyota dot com sponsors the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Here is meteorologist Dean DeVore. Yeah, We was 90 by a degree yesterday, but it looks like we'll be in our.

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