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Choose budget golf dot com or doing with that question today question. Because I saw the fact that he actually put it on there. What about that last night? New. Say don't put questions we'd ever get one content. We got content that last week several times because I was off. I feel I put it on. You could drive them one day. No, I love the dry more these days. Really? Have you ever drive shoop? No, I'm heard stories driving people. Oh, a little concerned. Hey we, we get eventually flash. Producer flash. It's like it's like a go cart going all over the place. You get there. Get there. But it's like you know, there's people in line to get on. The, the long ride I don't wanna see stray off the path once in a while, bring it back on the Anthony Davis trait guarantee. The Lakers will win the Western Conference, title and. Yeah, that's exactly what Twitter says ninety percent Saint. He's a western Vegas seems. Favorite before they got Anthony Davis because people were spending their money all over the place on them. They moved from nine to two seven to two to win the NBA championship in Vegas. Following the Anthony Davis trade couple of the other stories, top lines. We mentioned now on Josh mccown retiring from the NFL is going to join ESPN as an in studio for John Lewis. He will he will be moving on the good guys all sports. Good. Good guy, ten different teams and he made a career out. It's gonna retire very wealthy individuals. Many Machado just got suspended for one game for making contact with an empire over the weekend during their series with the way, I'm not get in the way on this one. I normally I like that. Machado. So. Happen to be. Yeah. Charged him from how far away staffing to be right. There think that could've been a couple more hits and runs into that could have been that true. He, he is appealing his suspension believe then so. The appeal when it's on tape, and he was clearly the aggressor will they come back with his people connects. Well, the, the pyre y'all something him so forced charge them. Are you kidding me? The appeal is it's ridiculous. What they'll probably do is they'll say, hey, you suspended our client for one game. This is what you suspended other people for one game for this doesn't rise to the level of that. That would be their argument. Eight you cannot touch on par ever ever ever, the finger body anything like that. So it's clear cut. I think that yeah, okay, we'll peel, we're going to give you two games. Now coming back to peel to one game, some Lakers rumors now that they have Anthony Davis and LeBron James together a couple of names. We talked to currently human, and our number one sleeping. Jose is probably. Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker, two names that have been floated about to join the Walker lake Kemba Walker is leaving Charlotte. I take I would take the bet. I gotta tell you. There are certain places in, in the NBA where their cities it'd be a cities, Charlotte is by far top three places still have hands down. And they're talking about building a new facility outside of in South Carolina. That would be just going to be ideal. I just I don't. I don't see him leading Charlotte's amazing. Great arena. Great people most money there. The real reason thing work again with LeBron in LA. I mean, that's, that's of course. They had that phone call, right? Kyri called him earlier in the year. And, you know they put their differences aside. If these guys if they're common goals when the championship, they're going to get paid if they're goes to win that championship once for one more time for the Braun, retires and affidavits veterans get his and Kyrie Irving before he gets his and the much injured career that I think it makes sense, but will the Lakers pay that kind of money. I think they will this seems like guys are lined up to now want to go to LA. They want the band come together. But there's no guarantee that Davis comes back after next year. And here we are just weeks ago talking about how functional front office will LA to now they get Anthony Davis. And everything's fun now. Everything's nothing to see here nothing to see here on out and join us. We welcome you. We got plenty of room here, again you need. Three superstars in most cases well in in, in defense. Case in defensive, what's happened over the last couple of weeks, defy think it has gone from the dysfunction in the Lakers of like, wow. Lebron help around him and how they gonna get there. And now I said it before the injuries to the warriors. Now, all of a sudden everybody in the west is like, oh, wait a minute. I might be able to win with two superstars I might be able to get to the finals. Now, don't know if I'm going to be able to beat the seventy Sixers box or who else the Celtics in the east, but it's kind of open here in the Western Conference. Okay. I'll definitely go out and trade. For Anthony Davis now because now I'm close now basically on even footing. So the dynamics of the Western Conference have changed within about a week here because injury and it's a severe chain. So where one move can make you go from dysfunction to while. We're pretty good superstars out for gold stay for the whole year. They're done. So, yeah, you're just went up. You get one more. One more one of those gonna leave anyway. Not. Come back. He was going, I think, going east, I think he's going to New York. Well, that's kind of the odds on New York, even with Katie was not going to win the championship even Katie himself team still is going to be a year too way, the way that Kerr and Myers them talk is okay. We'll be coming back. But I don't know Katie might say, hey, look, I'll stay here. I got a challenge. We've got the Lakers are starting to go ahead and get themselves geared up. Why not stay? Here's a challenge. A lot of it's gonna come down to in there are they're gonna say shit in the National Basketball Association that are known for their medical staff. And if Golden State is known for that medical stuff he made you emai- stay there. What we were talking about that in reference to could it. They, they both come back the last two months of the season if they're in the hunt and completely healthy. The way we see in baseball with these guys like just sign up in June, July, just for the for the stretch run. Dallas. Kyko can't hang out. We'll get his trading visit the early part of season where the weather crappy in certain cities. Well, we, we saw boogie cousins, come back. You know, he he's going back. I don't know if they want him back with the way he played in the finals, he looked. He looked like no offence. Not look like a sixty five year old guy playing at the Y. A lot of it is. And this the mix serve a rim shot. Why, why that come from? You got, by the way, Jose, you could see what Schubert's wearing today. So you must have a day, so you weren't here last week, explain it shame back from my vacation, I was on a whole new clo- obviously graduate. So I said to my sister. Day and night. I mean you, you. Yes, I did. I walked up. So are here I said, do we got today? Don't like dude. You really I mean you stepped up your game. Scuffle up since. No, we started three. Sure. Yeah. Covers. Collared shirt, right and matches lonely have longer sleeve shirts, but it's one hundred ninety outside the black doesn't go. You're not a fan of the no. Where v neck if you're going to go that route. Okay. God, no do not wear, Venus. No, you can't see it. That's the key. He showing the black do not wear. No, you're staying. We're not watching to do away. I got hooked on this new show on new show, an F lakes, small goes, no, I that do for Queen Queen of the south Queen class south of the awesome really what we watched probably twenty five episodes in the last four days. USA network. It's, it's not a Netflix original. So he came back rock and he had eight different outfits match. Mama Schubert took care back. Got e eight. Yeah. Like a Nordstrom, rack or something. I mean the with the cold the he can do mix and match all week we introduced receptions. Yeah. Yeah. Who's your who's your new number three? A new person you gotta do totally when I walked in new guy. Yeah. Boy, here looking at it plain coffee. Wow. Job to I know. Okay. Good. All right. I'm gonna lose rocket Mnuchin fluence and look at him jam finally tiger. Woods somewhat non-existent yesterday in the final round. But if the US open, but the tournament got a.

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