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It's like you go out and be terrible to other people that you can come back and like the nicer than what you love. So. At least for me like I was like, okay. Jerry Bjork and seems pretty line of like. I just love the way she thinks she's so weird I love it. Matt Did you have memories? Yeah. I mean for me I think this album is kind of timeless and I feel like it's kind of romantic and kind of whimsical. It's not my favorite bjork album. My favorite album is the one that follows this actually which I'd never knew if it's pronounced home agenda or homogeneous nick, I don't know. But I don't say it out loud too much. But that's my that's my favorite record but. Yeah. I mean I've Seen Bjork a few times through the years. The first time I saw her was in coney island in two thousand three and cigarettes opened. It was amazing. And weirdly sucrose the time slot they were given. It was still daylight out which was very bizarre. Yeah but. Bjork was of course amazing and that night she actually did a bunch of songs from Genyk but the encore was Isabel. which tears at me I love that song so much. And also. I know the last song of the night was human behavior but Yes. She also performed you've been flirting again but the Icelandic version which I thought was kind of special. Yeah it was amazing. But yeah over the years I've seen her United Palace I think I was at the same show as Jin I've seen her at MSG which was It was weird to see Bjork in like a huge stadium. And then when she toward the vulne cure album. I saw her at Carnegie Hall and King's theatre and both of those shows were. You really can't put into words I mean, that was the album where she was going through the of course, the big break up with Matthew Barney. Raw and like so emotional and like you couldn't help. But just kind of your jaw was on the ground the whole time you know I got to see her on this tour on the post. Tour. Actually. I'm very jealous. It was nuts in get ready get who were who were opener was. Eight. which was nuts like Dj said that turned into kind of like you know his debts are kind of performances anyway at least the old ones were. Su He was. Like the it kind of like the light wind up on the stage and there was kind of like this little setup. And there was like a tree onstage and all of a sudden these arms come out of the tree. And the tree dislike starts. Like music on like this like. Accordions Lash machine. And then the dancing bears came out in who just like what is going on that was my first apex to into that whole era where I was just like these folks are unbeatable like this music is just killing it yet that that albumin a lot to me 'cause to actually see her seeing those songs and. Yeah, that was lot of show and then I got to see her quite a few times over the years and she's just a dynamic performer live even like some..

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