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Investigators fled the scene. Neighbors say homelessness has been a struggle in this park for a number of years, but that it's grown during the pandemic. I don't feel like letting People's live permanently in our parks is the right answer, and neighbors say drug use prostitution, public urination and much more have been some of the challenges at this encampment. Now a tiny house village will be opening not far from here in neighbors Tell me that they hope campers will consider that. As an option in the future. That area is just a few blocks west of the Ravenna Park playground. State lawmakers recently passed a bill prohibiting public schools from using Native American names, symbols or images as mask off. Some districts are pushing back on that now, as we hear from Cuomo's Carleen Johnson repeat is Native American. She's a junior at North Central High School in Spokane. She worked with lawmakers this year in drafty the legislation. It's demeaning. It's It's not an accurate depiction of my people, and it's hurtful. But the bill did include a provision that says schools where tribes exist in bordering counties can ask those drives for permission to keep the symbols. They're doing that in the tri cities where Kennewick District officials are putting together a presentation to show help. Native American history and culture have impacted the district's curriculum. The plan to ask the yak about tribe for permission to continue using the Braves name and logo for comic and high and the Thunderbirds name and logo for Legacy High School. The Tri City Herald reports. Moses Lake is also working with the Colville Confederated Tribes. To keep its native American mascots at three schools. Carleen Johnson, Come on news come on his time, 5 10. Time to get to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk With Tom Hot. There was a wild finish in Soto yesterday. Ty France it a game tying single and scored on Tom Murphy's sacrifice fly into 10th in the Mariners. After giving up the lead, rallied to beat Oakland their fifth straight victory and improving to 50 and extra innings of season Oakland and taking a 54 lead in the top of the 10th. Seattle tied it on Francis, one out single and then Tom Murphy of the plate. And this very well could do. It has got a long stroll collar roots.

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