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You when's the patriot league final over Colgate to get an automatic NCAA tournament bid that tournament will be played but fans will not be in attendance there as well the Rangers got a point thanks to a goal by puddle which that which with thirteen seconds left in regulation but lost to the avalanche in overtime in Denver three two because a batted general this forty first goal in defeat the NHL will have an announcement later today on how it will deal with the virus outbreak spring training Marlins three Yankees one get a David Garcia three runs over three the third Jacob to grovel one run over for the Mets top the cardinal seven three sports at fifteen forty five around the clock on Harris Alan ten ten wins sports wins news time to seventeen further and faster testing for corona viruses here in New York now Northwell health plans on Long Island Northwell health labs was just approved to do automated testing for covert nineteen the disease caused by the corona virus the last executive director Dr doing writing says that means eventually they can do about five hundred tests today until now they've been only able to do sixty to seventy test today because it all had to be done manually and while that news is progress started running says they can still only test the sickest people by and large patients who do not have any symptoms of any illness or not getting tested at this point they're the lowest priority so they may they be waiting in line for a long time eventually Northwell health like most other labs hopes to be fully automated to do the test Carol do your your ten ten wins in lake success wins news time to eighteen so here with the word that's just weird Terry cloth good thank you Terry and why does he get his own fabric the journey below SPF fifty five awesome we've.

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