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Some small amount passes today but nothing too serious for your travel that's the latest from the cold weather center when a busier times to promote Disneyland to Disney world for your family to attend to make a visit is right about now as we think about the new year Disney world play you saw who betray Mickey Mouse Minnie mouse Donald Duck have filed incident reports of police claiming they were improperly touched by tourist this follows the arrest of a man back in November who was accused of groping a Disney princess the employee in the Mickey Mouse costume was taken to the hospital with a neck strain December fourth after a grandmother patted the characters that she told investigators she didn't believe the woman intentionally hurt her another tourist accused of groping Minnie mouse and a woman in her sixties reached in Donald duck's costume and groped and employees chest this is common use scandal sales are on the rise Gee I wonder why it's so close to the big game for the Seahawks for Sunday the hawks will battle the forty Niners tomorrow night at CenturyLink field for the NFC west title who better than the set it all up for us Kamel's family of other things yeah that's right it's only fitting that the regular season finale is the biggest game of the year the penny what happens in the early games on Sunday the hawks might have a chance at home field advantage by kick off time after last Sunday's injuries Pete Carroll and John Schneider called upon some some familiar faces to fill the vacant roles in the backfield Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin signed with the team at late Monday night I have been taking a crash course to get up to speed with the game plan for the forty Niners Carol didn't disclose what their work load will be like feels good about both guys after a week of practice I didn't hear you could you could tell anything anything.

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