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Day may eleventh heavy rain turns the dusty roads and footpaths in the mud slicks. But the fighting continues as ulysses tries to figure out a way to break bobby lease lines. He sends a message to President Lincoln. I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer. Once again, unconditional surrender grant showing his steely grit. Now, Bobby Lee, and you list are both incredible commanders but they aren't super human. They make mistakes and Bobby's about to make a big one. He gets faulty Intel from his son Rooney. Cavalry. Major General who reports that the army of the Potomac seems to be on the move east toward Fredericksburg. They aren't, but bobby believes his son. Anyway. In an effort to catch list by surprise Bobby Muzy artillery currently protecting the mule shoe to attack the root he thinks the Union army is on. This leaves the critical Mule Shoe under protected when Union troops renew their assault in the predawn fog and rain at four thirty on May Twelfth. While the ever Dapper Winfield Scott Hancock attacks from the North Ambrose burnside hits the meal shoes east side. The boys in blue quickly occupied a muddy blood splattered rebel trenches. But Bobby Leeson's in reinforcements and devolve into a brutal slug best of hand to hand combat and rifle fire. Bobby Lee calls back artillery from this pointless mission as fifteen thousand more union troops joined the battle. The fighting lasts all day. Literally, some estimates have the combat ranging from eighteen to twenty three hours. Yes. twenty-three around mid-day Union troops attacked the West side of the Mule Shoe. This area quickly becomes known as the bloody angle. Here, thousands of soldiers lock horns in a desperate attempt to control hundred yards of the confederate built trenches. One trooper remembers. Quote. The flags of both armies waved at the same moment over the same breasts works while beneath them federal and confederate endeavoured to drive home the bayonet through the interstate. Close quote. Gathering darkness doesn't slow the fighting around two a m. a new sound fills the soldiers in the bloody angle with fear. A twenty two inch.

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