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The first app michigan with a foot nothing lead barrett so four to five four five yards in the game you know what it's like to be back their facing pressure c tagged defense what could gt barrack do what can the coach do to help him get settled in your today well just more short passes and quick passages to given a rhythm right now that he is not a rid of your credit missile rufus emissions point man the bad press coverage all four i out burying them to run the fair roxie in the bombs who go the field with since not doerner secca dannatt said out of it's not about for a while state to receive a select band of the white barrett sixty seconds back to pass luxy steps up of the market rose short that spot just day filled yard long by cleats hill who is tackled immediately there's a flag doubt as well josh let's us baby stop after we gave a 3 but let's check all the marker gt barazenka tickets michigan hallway defense numerous certain tenure the automatic first down delegates khaliq hudson meanwhile state will get a first down by way of pedalled really matched up but quique hudson k j hill and that's a mismatch and favourable high of state sometimes when you're getting beat as a defender grab onto that jersey to sustain coverage get missions plan a lotta banda man covers right now there's been no zone hardly for the swiss for defense that are saying hey we could match up with you guys you got the war could get open to that ohio state picks up their fourth brought up for not having one of their first we possess its luca football doubt of it it's a good twenty two french doubted said there are back at the suck gauntlets slept watertight at is a winter the luck heretics was snapped fix the diamond berivan whiteside of hasn't made just got sagged whites and he wants his laid out of a sixteen yard laud before debit bush comes up to make the stop.

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