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I know don't spend money you don't have lieu. Don't count on a check before is actually your bank account. Balancing a checkbook is important. Signing your own checks is also important always yes. So those are some of the things I would teach ela I mean, I, it doesn't surprise. Me Like just this conversation alone and just like reading your story it doesn't surprise me that you were able to push through heaven ten million dollars student while Mike at all because like there's definitely like a spirit in hustle nature that you have to have How can you take care of yourself because being like that high energy and having that drive sounds really draining exhausting. I just put myself on a ten PM I must be in bed. I was on Oh my God. I- bedtime. Exactly. I was going to bed at three am and it was bad and it wasn't healthy so that because I wake up earlier right and I feel alive and I go for a long walk now in the morning I, make sure I have I'm not a big breakfast person but I make sure I have this. Meal that I may and I make sure that I I take. No. Bats. Sitting down soaking baths, not disliking no soaking baths, Lang whatever amount of money you have like it is so important take a second for yourself I know. People have a lot of responsibilities. But if you don't care for yourself, you really can't care for anybody else like you can't do anything else let alone hear how people. Yeah and you're working in a state of just going all the time and I understand that mentality because I had to do it and people have to do it and my mom had to do it but she had our nights out you know where she went out and I was like what? What is this? What is this? What are you wearing? What's going? Right exactly I feel that in myself, I don't even ask you. Guess. What about moments where like you're like in your head and you have just like not feeling confident gray like you can do it or just like kind of doubting up there is there a pep talk that you give yourself in those moments you just kind of kind of didn't feel it until it goes away. Yeah I have those probably once a month and then all one. Jealous. A. Habit I have strong. Yes. Wrongs and stations of like everything is not working. You know nobody likes me. It's like these strong sensations of like. Oh, like like just like not feeling worthy of the life wherever you are that you create your for yourself for the job that you actually got more excited to have it when I got it. Like you just feel like everything's falling apart. And nothing is working and nobody likes you and just all these things and it's like a wave. It's like a deep wave and if I don't get up and move like I found myself if I don't. Exercise or walkout or walk around or listening on td Jakes or something right he gives me my pep talk I'm like I I ain't got it. Got It. You don't hang outsourcing is what my therapist taught me when you ain't got it. Somebody else done a thing that my therapist told me about the little voicing ahead that like super like fuss me up in a good way. She was like, well, what do you think voices like trying to get you to Judas just want you to fail does just want you to just like what I was like. Well, I think is keeping me safe from. Things that I'm scared of and She was like what if you say to the voice? You know I see what you're trying to. You're trying to help me. Thank you. But I got it and I was just laying that were Oh, you can do that. Oh my gosh I tried it and it went at least once I need to practice it but yeah is. I'm GONNA use that. Let me know how. I see what you're saying but no, right yes I you're now but. They are coming voices like not negative. It is trying to put there's into epic. There's a difference between intuition and then negative thoughts acting your brain and overwhelming you. So we all know we need to listen to intuition but sometimes, I'm talking more about like the negative like strata demon right I'll just. Got, you cannot stay you might leave. Okay. Must speaking of demons in eighties and such I have a question for you right or how hypothetical situation for you. So yeah, let's say that said Deity is like We're going to have to Redo the whole college period of Your Life, right? Okay. But I will let you either do it the way that you're already did and drop out of school or you'll be able to afford to stay in college which would you choose Oh man that's hard because I do WanNa, Finish College you know what I mean like I always am unanswered by people who have went to college especially like a a stoically black university and I'm like. I wish I went to Howard or spelman are one of these things and that experience and the amount the beautiful minds that you're surrounded with. But I honestly would rather relive my life because it created such a force for me like I. Don't feel that way because of the stuff that has come to me feel that way because I feel strong. Inside like Neil, I can make real decisions about my life for my child. I feel like I can really teach something I feel like I have stuff to give right right and so I I would relive all of it because I wouldn't change a thing you would not change one person I dated one person I just had a romp with you know. One person I just kissed in a club that I. Whatever I wouldn't change not having furniture not being able to pay rent being anxious I just feel like those things created who I am and it just made me for a stronger person and and more equipped to like talk to L. About. What's necessary in Life I had a feeling that you say that but yeah. I mean, I'm it helps me to hear people say that they would do the heart shit all over again because it kind of helps me get through hearts it like tomorrow you know just like knowing that there are people who can make appreciate all the tough shit that they've gone through because of what they got from it. Always, helps you keep going so well, it makes you feel less alone. Yeah. Right. Head. Less alone. At one more question this is a bit of advice for someone who is not me at all My name is tracey. This is my friend Stacy I. Get? It. So you definitely know and understand what it takes to push through tough situations and how hard it can be to do though, and so my friends safety you know she's got a couple of career curve balls throw natter you know which happens in life. But when this happens to stacey, she kinda gets a little discouraged and you know it's just Kinda hard for her to just like get back up get back on the horse and do it again especially because a lot of times when you fail hold on quality feel like you fail you lose. In your ability to keep yourself safe into like push yourself through things I'm at least this is what safety says. So the question is, what advice would you give her to keep pushing forward? Even though everything in her body is an Sich are black as down down do something else like just just it's an option you you can sit down, sit down what would you tell her I would tell her. What is what is the voice telling her to sit down and do as a telling her to sit down and rethink her plan? Right, is it telling her to sit down and just don't follow her dream.

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