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Black and white. Think red. All right, Dave precedents your turn, capitals and wizards are both away from Washington this weekend caps have two more games before the all star break in with Ford Tom Wilson day to day with that lower body injury coach Peter laville was happy to get Nicholas backstrom back from illness on the ice and last night's win. Really nice play on these just the delay for him, but he's so good at that as CM things happen before they happen and then made a terrific play and JoJo made a nice shot and then for him to score the goal in the shootout too coming off of that. Backstrom has four assists in 8 games played this season capitals are in Toronto Sunday NBA wizards are in New Orleans tomorrow. NFL conference championship Sunday home teams went zero and two against the spread last year, Kansas City plays in its 5th, straight AFC championship game Cincinnati stands in the chiefs way for the second straight year. San Francisco makes its third NFC championship game appearance in four years while Philadelphia last reached this round in the 2017 playoffs and for the record Washington after four appearances in a ten year span hasn't reached the NFL's version of the final four in 31 years. Check out, yeah, that's not ideal. Check out picks by the NFL staff by the WTO staff, tweeted at WTO P and coming up at 1145 Mark, are you ready for your picks? I'm still working on it. Okay, we're not doing kippy and Buffy and the tailgate. Plenty of college basketball delivers this weekend a couple of conference clashes in the Commonwealth, Virginia hosting Boston college tomorrow at noon, Virginia tech takes on Syracuse at 7, what I like about this is it allows cavalier and hokey fans to be able to watch both games in person and root for each other's teams. You think that'll happen? I see what you did there. At least enjoy the smoke turkey like. Dave Preston WTO sports. Thank you, sir. It's 1117. A former Maryland state employee has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Texas U.S. senator Ted Cruz. 39 year old Justin kuchta sent the death threat through an event management website, according to the plea agreement. That site was being used by an event planner organizing an event featuring the Texas senator. The email was tracked down to an IP address belonging to kuchta. Prosecutors say he initially denied sending the message, but later admitted to sending it from his government issued computer. Kutcher used to work at the Maryland office of the comptroller. Boeing is pleading not guilty to a charge that had misled regulators who approved its 7 37 max jet. As you know, that plane was involved in multiple crashes killing nearly 350 people, family members who lost loved ones in those crashes are trying to convince a federal judge to throw out a settlement that the airline manufacturer reached with the federal government. They say their rights were violated because they were never consulted before Boeing cut a deal with the Justice Department to avoid prosecution. The families want to court picked monitor to evaluate whether Boeing is creating a culture of safety and ethics as it promised the government

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