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News continues on this fifth day of May. FND Markets and stocks closed lower on Wall Street Tuesday, dragged down by Big tech, Apple and Microsoft. The declines marking the Sixth straight losing day. For tech investors continue to focus on corporate earnings and engage the economic recoveries, progress earnings and most indicators have been signaling steady improvement, but investors remain concerned about the lingering threat from covert 19. Inflation and other factors that could really crimp progress at the S and P fell 0.7%. The tech heavy NASDAQ slipped 1.9% of the Dow eked out a small gain. The price of oil rose bond yields. Slipped slightly. The trade deficit surged to a record is 74 in a quarter billion in March as an improving U. S. Economy boosted purchases of imported foreign goods. Commerce reporting March deficit was 5.6% higher than the February gap. They trade deficit is the gap between what we buy from abroad and what we sell to others imports rose 6.3% while exports increased as well, the U. S imports so much more than an export. That in dollar terms of the rise and imports was greater, politically sensitive deficit with China and goods Rose 11.6%, the largest deficit with any single country. Dodge Coin hit All Hall hit an all time high yesterday amid the crypto frenzy. It comes as a number of new venues announced that they'll trade Doetsch coin on their exchanges and Recent days and weeks, and the U. S nonprofit digital dollar project announced this week it will launch five pilot programs over the next 12 months. Toe test the potential use of a central bank digital currency of the first effort of its kind in the U. S. Now, this comes as the Fed Reserve calls crypto really an avenue for speculation, even as its studies Now they use of digital currency. I talkto analyst Alan Johnson about the effort and the feds attempt to rein in inflation. There's been five U. S central banks. That are launching this pilot program that's backed by the feds for Central Bank digital currency, So central banks around the world, including China and Europe, are revving up the C B D C programs to fend off the threats from the crypto currency. I told you this was happening. And you know, I remember another thing. I said many governments, including the United States, they go so far as to create inflation and by creating this inflation. That becomes a key factor of which is to help them to depreciate the debt and destroy the value of the dollar. So the Fed is actually backed itself in a corner on inflation right now. And you know, just to prove my point on what I'm talking about, as far as creating inflation by hyperinflation is back. And I told you this before on September 17 2000 and 19 months before there was any reported case of covert 19 anywhere in the world by September, 27 of 2019. The Fed was offering $100 billion a day, an emergency loans to Wall Street and then by October 7th of 2019 again months before any outbreak of covert 19. The Fed had expanded its emergency overnight loans to announcing 310 billion in longer term emergency loans. As Wall Street announced over 68,000 and job cuts and then come along October 24th. 2019 the Fed up to its Wall Street bell out to $690 billion a week and on and on it went prior to any covert 19 pandemic. Which didn't come until 2020. Well, I told your listeners out there before. If they want. They can just type in the New York fed dot orc website and you can see what the feds are up to with this. Money London and what they're putting up as Treasuries and it's no wonder the Treasury's air in trouble. Because last week I saw 223,000,000,143 billion in fact, yesterday. When the market went up my catch this yesterday the market what they put 180 take a look right now. They put 183,000,000,234 million And there were 32 counter parties that accepted it. And there was collateral of Treasuries that were put up his collateral to the facts. Well, Hmm. The market was up yesterday. A little bit was up was a good day yesterday for the market. But now they put only for today. The only number that showing for today is 129,000,000,724 million. So what I see is I see the feds are caught. They're trapped in this corner, and it doesn't matter. You know if they don't start putting in more now, I could see if they probably put 200 billion. It probably be up right now. They put 129 billion. And what are we looking at? Markets are all down in the red today. So you know, this is what I'm seeing. I'm starting to see a pattern. I'm wondering if a bubble might have already been burst somewhere, and we just don't know it. But the bottom line is I told you this before, you know. This inflation is caused by hyperinflation and the broadest form of government. Digital currency is going to be the central bank's offering deposit accounts to the public at large. Talent Johnson with the United Gold Group, a sponsor of a FN You can call at 807 53 85 34. That's 807 53 85 34 or visit united gold group dot com. That's united gold group dot com. Well selling vaccines during a pandemic has boosted visors of bottom line and proven that a strategy and embarked on over a decade ago is paying off of the New York based pharmaceutical giant earned 4.9 billion the first three months of the year and dramatically raised its profit forecast for all of 2021 that, thanks to strong demand for the covert vaccine. The company, along with its German partner buying TAQA anticipate strong revenue from the vaccine and booster shots over the next three years. Once viewed as a marketing machine for blockbuster treatments, such as Viagra and Lipitor, or Fizer has really transformed itself into a powerhouse for Delivering drugs that treat cancer, rare diseases and, of course, now vaccines. CNN has yet to weigh in on a Rick Santorum's future after the former Pennsylvania senator said there was nothing here. When the U. S was founded. The National Congress of American Indians renewed its call that CNN drops and tore him after watching him defend his comments on Chris Cuomo shows Monday night. Group President Fawn Sharp called Santorum arrogant for failing to apologize for his comments. Speaking to a conservative youth group last month, he bragged that Europeans who came to the U. S birth a nation From nothing. And to sporting events last week helped their respective networks score big ratings that Nielsen reports the Kentucky Derby and the first round of the NFL draft managed to pull in more than more TV viewers combined than the Oscars. That wasn't too hard. Uh, That would have been inconceivable a few years ago, Nielsen says. 14.5 million watched the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. While the NFL draft was seen by 12.6 million. Last month's Oscar's barely eked out that 10 million mark. It used to be one of the most watched TV events every year. And I would I thought maybe it was me. You.

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