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And i i think i think i'm guilty of it as well in the movie i think diane keaton's character her children tend to look at her because her husband has passed on and tend to treat her as i'm trying to get too personal but my mom here but can to treat her a certain way and sometimes in doing that you protect them from living but i think the antidote to it is to just remember for all of us that you know when our kids are little you're like you can do anything try it you know try being on the sports team try playing a musical instrument try you know entering the science fair whatever it is and then you get a little bit older and people don't see it quite so much to you and then you get a little bit older and you don't even say to yourself anymore and so you start to realize on my gosh i'm closing doors i'm i'm i'm cooked i'm saying this is who i am with no news surprises and for me in my life my own personal life about in two thousand and seven i started writing music and is become a very important part of my life i'm doing the music now for an animated film this is a pretty amazing story to crazies yeah mistaken you were you went under anaesthetic.

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