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Taking my call i i represent knr over here and cleveland okay great aegean affiliate blurred uh you know i'd have to go as my uh act cleveland coach namus nick save louis um sure i'm going with dead conjuring you're okay i i wasn't guessing i thought he was going to go buddhist buckeye and it's the big ten but he's gone sec again last ten years there's no debate if you group them all together last year arguably last two or three years you have a debate and the acc is a really good case but let's see what happens early in the season to alabama florida state right out of the shoe that's going to that's that's sec is number one against i think the acc is number one coming into this season agree augured k auburn clemson wait to you gotta acc to sec too right correct i mean so we're going down the list here right yet you're one b one you get your two v2 let's see how those to shape up and to be honest with dario thank the sec is going to be favorite in both is that clemson auburn games at auburn clemson will be a second game with a new quarterback who will auburn but i think everybody likes steadham better than either the guys battling for clinton's job right now the only thing you could say is a daboh feels like i watched dabbles press conference at acc media days and he made agree points that everybody ask how we were going to replace him decision on watson he said you know what i got talent here either the they're going to be guys year people said the.

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