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Delighted to say that I am joined by the legend and now arc winning trainer sir Mark Prescott. A week and a half after the big day at Paris long, so Mark, welcome to racing live on talk sport two. Thank you very much for having me. I'm very very pleased to be on. Thank you. It's great to have your company. Take me back to that afternoon and parry long sharp with The Rain absolutely pelting down, but none of that mattered. When she crossed the line, what was that feeling like? Marvelous, I have to say it was a wonderful, wonderful day. And I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. And I can't believe what a wonderful reception, the horse got it, France, and I talked back in the evening and I just couldn't believe she won so easily. And I'd also got kissed by two of the leading trainers in France, Monsieur rouge and M fab, that must be at a unique occasion. To have both of them coming up to you. Last week, that must be a unique occasion. No English training can possibly have done that. I was going to say they're not the biggest fans it was coming over there and taking their price. Clearly they were like, they couldn't have been more gracious and it was just a wonderful day, you know, and I hope everybody has a wonderful day in their lives and that was my wonderful day, marvelous. The ground for the race was awful, but she was traveling powerfully and eye catchingly well. What were you thinking at the three forlong marker given the fact that she was traveling so strongly? Well, as you pointed out, I couldn't believe that one of mine was going as well as that three prolongs from home. Never mind in the Arc de Triomphe. So it was a sort of completely unlikely scenario and I watched in stunned silence and it was just marvelous and she's won 6 group ones now in a row. She's not been beaten for two years. And it's just been a marvelous to train a fairly who's run a little bit better. Every single race of her life. She's improved a little bit. I suppose the old adage of nothing improves the horse more than winning. She's probably the best example. The stats boys will absolutely love you because it will now read some mark Prescott, two runners, one winner, 50% strike rate, follow him blindly in the arc from their ones. Your first runner was in 2001. Alpha needs to come along. Yeah. We had a lovely old horse run a few years ago and he was just there for the joy. He'd won the Magnus and he beat the second and he board, they'd had a wonderful time. But he ran a good race. And we've been lucky there, of course, as well, because Marcia won the Abe. And confidential lady won the French oak. So I've had a few Dunkirk's in France, but I've also had three or four good days. I'm going to take that line. And borrow that one to use for future efforts as well. If you don't. But how you've campaigned her has been absolutely wonderful. And there's a lovely side plot to this as well, which is that you know the family incredibly well, because you trained a wilder, you trained her dam, albanova, who's a sister to a dual champion stakes winner for you as well. Knowing the family as intimately as you do and having had success with them as well, so Mark, how does she compare to horses previous? And on that, to have a bloodline and this is one of the special things about racing is that bloodlines continue. So we're talking about a bloodline that goes all the way back to 97 and 98. I think this one the damn sister won the champion stakes for you two years in a row. Yeah. To have that continue for so many years after what does that mean to then culminate with the arc success as well? Well, mister rousing, who bred them, she's had this family 5 generations. And I've trained three generations as you rightly say. And the first one I had was 36 years ago. So it was a great day for miss rousing and for me. It was a fantastic day when you've had as long an association with a family and with an owner family horses and an owner and a stud and the stats now married managed by John ox in Ireland and we went over to look at the yearlings about four weeks ago and I think miss rousing really got me over there to get school by mister ox as to what to do as much as to look at the hearings. Did he have any sage words of advice for you? He had absolutely done, you know, the lovely man he is, but other good luck, I think that was as far as we got. But Alan royer dupre, he rang me on the Friday night. Via a friend of mine, who used to ride our amateur horses years ago called Tony esler. And Alain rang on pride in item. He asked what the mayor's requirements were and all about her and then he suggested a plan of attack on her I listened to what he said very carefully. So I'm much indebted to him. And so he's wrote Morris, of course, and so is Luke. Yeah, I was just going to mention Luke because I was really taken when I spoke to him during the York ybor festival. It was the day after he'd won the Yorkshire oaks. Just how bullish he was about Paris long shot. Yes. At what point these are very good form. He's excellent at that and he gave her a peach for a ride, which I'll come back to in a second, but at what point was it always the plan this season to get her to the ark was that were you always building to this moment? Yes, very much so because last year she won three group ones in Germany and just as we were congratulating ourselves on this fine performance. She won the same three races that her grandmother had won. Michigan and I thought we'd done extraordinarily well. And then, of course, one of the ones we beat went from tasso went and won the ark at 80 to one. And of course all the people who had congratulated on winning what they said were weak group ones in Germany. But now all saying, well, why didn't you run it in the art? There's nothing like after timing. But they were of course right. She was gradually getting to the stage where that ought to be her aim. And this year, everything was around running their originally I'd rather felt we'd go for the coronation and the king George, but she was slow to come in a coat. So we had to do the Grand Prix of St. Cloud and the Yorkshire oaks. But the plan was always to run twice before the R can try and have a very, very best and thank God it came off. And the Yorkshire oaks was a special moment in itself because of the reaction that you got from the crowd and from people within the industry.

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